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“Amber Guyger will never be the same again” – Botham Jean committee calls on public to wear red on Tuesday (+video)

By SNO Staff

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From left: Botham Jean, Amber Guyger and Nicole David

(SNO) — Tuesday, November 6 will mark two months since Saint Lucian Botham Shem Jean was shot to death in his own apartment in Dallas, U.S., by police officer Amber Guyger who claimed she barged into his apartment by mistake and thought he was a burglar.

To mark the occasion, the Justice for Botham Team committee is calling on the public to wear red or a touch of red on Tuesday, November, in memory of the accountant.

Red was Jean’s favourite colour, according to committee member Nicole ‘Nikki’ David.

In a video interview disseminated to the media on Monday, Nov. 5, David said the date will mark two months since Botham was “murdered” by a “trigger-happy cop”. (Guyger was fired from the Dallas Police after she was charged with manslaughter).

David said the colour red not only signifies Jean’s favourite colour but it is a symbol that “we will not stand by” and “we want justice”.

She said the committee wants “Amber to pay for what she did”, adding that the committee is “confident that we are going to get justice, even if it’s not within the legal system”.

Asked what she meant by that, David replied that it’s all about ‘karma’: “Amber will never be the same again in her life… Amber knows she did something wrong… Justice will be served.”

In addition to wearing red, or something close to red, David is also urging persons to post the hashtag #JusticeforBotham on social media, and post photos.

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  1. Both victims deserve justice

  2. Aren't you more concerned that justice will not be done in St. Lucia rather than the USA? WE have plenty of evidence to suggest that. What about Kimberly de Leon??? I guess Botham is more prestigious. Stop looking for mileage and publicity over people deaths. You are roiling against a US system that works in most situations but your are ignoring a barbarous system that we have. I think thats quite hypocritical and it misplaces our priorities. Or does it afford us an opportunity not to blame ourselves but divert it to someone else. Remember that we have a long list who have not gotten justice: from Corbeau and others in the 80s to Trisha Denis and Mary Rackliff in the 90s to Kimberly De Leon today. Its a long time that we have been rotten but you want people to focus on the US? The Jeans themselves have said that they have not fully understood how the US Justice System works, however a sitting Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of St. Lucia has admitted that our system failed Trisha Denis and the countless others. So does it sound logical to call on a foreign power for justice to your citizens only 2 months on from an incident while you totally ignore their rights in their own country?? Do we expect that an investigation would be over after just about two months? Smh.

    • The Jean case has gained some international attention and has the potential for a pay out so he is more important than the little people killed down here. Look at how quickly the parents have considered suing the Dallas P.D. and even the city while investigations are ongoing.

      So in short : No Publicity+No Money= No Committee


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