Amber Guyger murder trial enters second week

Amber Guyger murder trial enters second week
Guyger cries as she testified last week.

(FOX 4 NEWS) — Sunday marks what would have been Botham Jean’s 28th birthday.

Monday morning, his family will return to the courtroom for the start of week two of the Amber Guyger murder trial.

Guyger took the stand on Friday, saying she believed Jean was in her apartment when she shot and killed him.

He was actually sitting in his own unit one floor up.

The defense has not rested its case, and could continue calling more witnesses Monday.

We already heard from Amber Guyger, herself, as the first witness for the defense. She testified during an emotional three hours on the stand Friday.

“I wish he was the one with the gun that killed me. I never wanted to take an innocent person’s life. I’m so sorry,” Guyger said during her testimony.

Guyger testified that Botham Jean was coming toward her and she feared for her life, yelling, “Let me see your hands,” before shooting him.

She said she did some chest compressions, using her left hand while calling 911, then stopped CPR altogether to text her then-partner, with whom she was in a sexual relationship, to say, “I need help.”

The prosecution argued that she was only concerned about herself, and provided records that she had just taken an eight-hour de-escalation course, and had the training to know she could have taken cover and called for backup if she did believe Jean to be a burglar, rather than shoot him.

The defense then presented neighbors who testified about just how confusing the apartment complex can be. One admitted that he too once went into the wrong apartment.

Texas Ranger David Armstrong, the lead investigator in the case, who was also called to testify for the state, returned to the stand Saturday as an expert for the defense.

He talked about what it might have been like for Guyger in those moments before she pulled the trigger.

“You may not hear at the normal volume that you normally would because you’re under stress. You may have vision narrowing or tunnel vision, which means you are only focusing on what is directly in front of you, not in your periphery. You may also experience short term memory loss,” he said.

It’s unclear whether jurors will hear from another expert for the defense, Craig Miller.

The retired Dallas police deputy chief testified without the jury present Saturday that Guyger could have experienced “inattentional blindness.”

“It’s the tendency of the human brain to filter out visual images that are not relevant to the primary target,” he explained.

The judge has not allowed defense experts, Miller and Armstrong, to share their opinions with the jury.

Armstrong said that he does not believe Guyger committed a crime, and Miller said her actions were reasonable.

Day seven of the trial begins Monday at 9:30 a.m., an hour later than usual for this trial.


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  1. ijames what is your issue huh ?? Why does you rhetoric change at the end with the ultimatum?? “Try to forgive or you will start to believe they are in it for money or fame” I have the pleasure of knowing those people personally, and they are already famous in their country regardless not because of their name , but because of what they have established for themselves and the sacrifices they have made for their kids personally !! How many persons do you know whom after high school encourage their kids to further their education and then personally fund them and bring them physically to the place of higher learning . It’s not being spoilt! It’s called breaking a poverty gap ! It’s called love, it’s called sacrifice, it’s called a long term investment ! I personally have been blessed to be a child of one of those Island parents. That’s why we say #”Justice for Bo”!


  2. Botham Jean was a devout christian and his parents claim to be the same. Based on the testimony from Amber Guyer, I am led to believe that she genuinely mistakenly entered the wrong apartment. She seems very remorseful.

    As the "true" christians that they are, I think that the Jeans should be trying to forgive Guyer or I will start believing that they are in this for the money and fame, of course. The are milking this thing to death!


    • If you were making an objective point without casting silly aspersions, then your point would have been well received. Your highlighting that if they are true Christian then they should forgive only reveals your prejudice and I am glad it falls in the category of an opinion. Just remember this: who knows it, feels it. It is much easier to make these harsh and baseless criticisms when you are from the outside looking in. Let justice take its course.


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