Alva Baptiste: Foreign policy not a playground for “simpletons”

By Gideon Aurelien

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(SNO) – First Deputy Leader of the St. Lucia Labour Party, Alva Baptiste, is calling on the government to exercise deftness in its management of the country’s foreign policy as it seeks to deal differently with citizens of two countries over travel permits to St. Lucia.

Baptiste, in responding to a question from a reporter, at a press conference held today (August 7, 2018) over government’s intention to impose visa restrictions on Venezuelan nationals and at the same time grant visa-free access to Chinese nationals, said that “when it comes to foreign policy this is an issue that must be handled with great dexterity”.

“The world stage is for people and country to conduct serious business on behalf of the people, to advance the development agenda. It must never be a playground for simpletons,” he said.

Baptiste, in a statement read prior to questions from reporters, said that the prime minister’s rationale for imposing visa facilities on Venezuelan nationals was seriously flawed.

“Mr. Chastanet argues that it was for security reasons. He insinuated that the 60 homicides in 2017, as well as most of the guns coming into Saint Lucia, had to do with the mass movement of the said nationals towards the Caribbean. The fact is, we do not have a problem with Venezuelan nationals at our ports of entry, hence the imposition of visa facilities on Venezuelan nationals has nothing to do with the security interests of Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians. Therefore, the prime minister needs to clarify this allegation as he seems clueless on issues of national security,” Baptiste said.

The former foreign minister said that it was this seeming deplorable ignorance, which led Prime Minister Chastanet to further state that no coast guard boats were operational when he came into office in 2016.

“The truth is, all, except two boats, were operational. The only two boats that were inoperative at the time were PO4 and PO6, which remain so to this day. Consequently, the Opposition dismisses Mr. Allen Chastanet’s comments on the aforementioned national security issues as mere propaganda,” Baptiste said.

Regarding what he claims as untruths by the prime minister on how he found the coast guard vessels on entering office, Baptiste told reporters that the prime minister does not take time to verify things.

“He (prime minister) says everything and anything that comes to his mind. The truth is something that is foreign to him. He has a very difficult relationship with the truth and is very casual about everything that he does,” Baptiste said.

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  1. you a joker alva ..and a big one at that with all your narrative skills you sound stupid hope you will say the same for st jude ..that's why you and your government failed at delivering

    alva St Judes not for simpletons

  2. Tell me what was that Simpleton's accomplishment as minister of foreign affairs?? Sorry I forgot; he was Minister of Air-Miles and Air Line Travel. If he left the ministry in any good shape why is it that those who came in, still walked into chaos and is continuing it full time. If one or another had left a proper foundation in place, then the mewpwee would not be necessary at this point. vamoose! Representative of Laborian Theatrics! you fool no one except the simpletons you speak of!

  3. it seems the "simpleton" is the one running his mouth. typical slp "simpleton" speaking on a subject he know nothing about. the slp loves communism so I am sure he would would open the doors for his fellow socialist

  4. What are those high levels of credentials that some people have, that reduces all others to the status of mere simpletons? Who are the real simpletons? Come on! Roll out and show us, all those doctorates and professor emeritus status awards so far gained.

  5. You are the biggest simpleton Alva. You forgot about the infamous Juffali affair? You said you knew nothing about that one Mr Simpleton. You were left out of the loop in that one right?

  6. That just goes to show you how far from reality them men are and they are only talking for talking sake and to be re-elected. The Venezuelan criminals use the waters to bring up their guns, cocaine and who knows what. Their monies, criminal hitters and other movements go on via air and sometimes you might even get a one or two swallowers who are brave coming in. When it comes to criminal acts and illegal trade you can never be certain they'll only use one route or source or even think that you know exactly what they will do because that's their work and they are at it 24-7 to try and beat the authorities ok. Now Mr. PiP, Alva, Richard and the other fools or people who are trying to look like fools to score political points please get off and stay off of this visa requirement thing with Venezuela cause at the end of the day it is protecting us for now from things that have already happened and things that can get worse with the worsening situation with Venezuela ok

  7. Alva, Alva, Alva, man I love you like cook food. "It must never be a playground for simpletons" " he seem clueless on national security" "the truth is something foreign to him" haaaaaaaa "he has a very difficult relationship with the truth" Alva man one thing for sure you have always demonstrate when ever you come at them is always with guns blazing. Pierre ! lime with Alva a little more. If you decide to bow out gracefully and put Alva in command we ain't mad at you.

  8. everyone in the ghetto knows that it's Venezuelans bringing guns in and when coast guard get them offshore they cannot do anything when they show passport. Difference between reality and perception.

  9. AA. Simpleton what you talking about?


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