Allen Chastanet releases certificates online‏

Allen Chastanet releases certificates online‏


In a twist of events, Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet has released soft copies of his bachelor’s and master’s degree certificates via his personal Facebook page.

The statement read: “In light of the new developments surrounding the issue of my credentials, and the fact that St. Lucia’s name is being tarnished in the process by well-known political groups in this country, I have decided to make available for online scrutiny, a copy of my certificate from Bishop’s University.”

“Yesterday, I released a letter from American University in Washington confirming that I had attended and obtained a Master of Arts Degree. I am currently off island but upon my return, I will make available both certificates to the media.”

Chastanet continued: “It is heart breaking that persons would go to great lengths to commit fraud – a criminal act, just to discredit me. It shows the true character of these individuals and if they are given a second chance in office, who knows what else they will do in order to have their way. St. Lucia’s name will once again be in the international media if and when American University decides to pursue legal action. It is all because of desperate politicians and their supporters.”

For weeks the political group, “AllenChastanetMustGo” had been clamoring for the UWP leader to release certified copies of his certificates.

Earlier this week, the group released a letter, purportedly written by the American University in Washington responding to an alleged request by the Chairman of the United Workers Party, Sen. Ezechiel Joseph, to obtain information from the said university about his party’s leader.

However, on Tuesday, the American University stated that they had no record of the said letter.

Chastanet also released a letter from the University confirming that he did in fact attend the university and also obtained a master’s degree in Development Banking.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that the university is currently investigating the alleged fraudulent letter which was circulated via email by the group, “AllenChastanetMustGo”.

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  1. I am fed up with st.Lucian's politicians.
    Pierre and company need to relax.
    no man is an island.they had their chance.
    other countries are laughing at us.


  2. The first certificate can be used as toilet paper anyone can get that printed online lets just say he has enough money to buy it . it's amazing with all these so call smart people running tings they make so many stupid mistakes


  3. It would not matter if the god came down from heaven and tell each and everyone that the certificates are genuine, none of you will believe it because, from the beginning the Boss man said, "this election will be between SLP and Chastanet only" so now you know what all the noise is all about. It is Fear and panic, that's it.


  4. I don't understand the fascination with this issue. Are we asking because we think a PM or potential PM needs to have a degree? Our last PM did not, his colleagues knew he had no degree, yet they made him PM. His constituents keep voting for him even though he has no degree. Are we interested because we think he misrepresented himself or he lied? Please! If we had to judge politicians or PMs or MPs on the basis of their honesty we would have no politicians in St. Lucia. We are still waiting for the jobs! jobs! jobs! among other things.

    All this is a distraction so we can forget that this country is in a mess, that unemployment is around 25%, youth unemployment is around 40%, crime is at an all time high both for locals and tourists, the education system sucks, the justice system is in a shambles, while tourism numbers are increasing, the common man has not felt the impact of that increase. But yet we spend endless time asking a man to produce his certificates and when he does, we suspect that they are fraudulent. We Lucians are a different class of people. A completely different class, the laughingstock of the region. Sad.


  5. The Bishop's certificate look at the BOTTOM RIGHT hand corner of the certificate on the right side.It says PRINTED JULY 1ST. 2015.So when he graduate from bishop's ??This year?
    the American one has no date.....NO DATE ????? It means da man DID NOT GRADUATE


  6. Now we need to get King and the rest of the parliamentarians to produce their qualifications. Hope this is not too much to ask. Esp King now that he wants to lead our country again


  7. Give Walter a break. Every time you make reference to Allen, Walter grimaces. He could not even produce a copy.


  8. he entered the political arena , he didn't know his personal life would be under scrutiny!! as well as propaganda being spread abt him!! if is too hot chas get out now!


  9. I think I need more proof Mr Allen Michael Chastanet that you are certified to the level and in the disciplines you claim. You see Sir I have one question I want answered. Why did it take so long to provide these documents? Why did they (or at least one of them) have to be reprinted? Going by what I do and I know my friends does the same, our certificates are documents we keep in our possession for as and when we need to produce them. me and many of my friends do there was no need for that lengthy period of time it took to produce the documents.

    We have to be very careful with these things because the technology exist for very sophisticated forgeries. I'm sure many of us remember the Cuban newspaper which in one instance had picture with George Odlum in it and in another instance the same picture had no George Odlum it.

    So Chass if you had come out with these certificates weeks ago while the iron was hot this issue would have dead in the water or even better yet stuck in the mud. But now as far as I as it the matter is alive and well. The onus is still on you to quell the rumblings.


  10. Half of those asking to see the man's degrees do not even know what a degree looks like even if it smacked them straight between the eyes!


  11. I must say that i am not convinced that these documents are proof that anyone attended or graduated from the University. I am a university graduate and if i were in Mr. Chastanet's shoes or anyone else's being accused of not having qualifications that they profess to have obtained I would have made my certificates public a long time ago. One document has to be reprinted with a date of July 2015!!! We are in 2015 and anything can be made to look authentic. Why were these certificates reissued or reprinted? Am I to believe that he has no certificates that he could have made public?
    I am sorry but something seems a bit fishy here.


  12. I think the certificate clearly states at the bottom right "This is the copy of a diploma granted on 26 May 1984" the date printed is irrelevant.


    • It is relevant that it is this year that and this month that u are being accused of forging documents. Where are the ones issued on the said date? Anyway, i would like to hear from the school instead and not via a letter or any form of documentation but vocally. Neither of these candidates can be trusted.


  13. Is it true that some people may be denied entry into the US, Canada and the UK over this fraud scandal. I am hearing some big players are joining the fray in this thing. My God why would some people put our country in this after we are already so fragile? May god bless their souls


  14. am I the only one who realizes tht the first certificate is printed on 06 july 2015!!


    • The Roman numeral has the date it was granted. July 2015 is the date a copy was generated?


    • too bad you did not see "this is a copy"

      Now that he has shown his degrees, can we ask for the misiters to show theirs?


  15. I personally would like a formal statement to be made by the University that Mr. Allan Chastanet attended and graduated from said school with the alleged degrees. Documents can be forged and at this point both sides have no credibility in my eyes.


  16. So the letter that Claudius claimed he saw from Chastanet to Arsne James could it also have been a fake? What about what went on in the US embassy do descredit Frederick? Now i see you are begining to open your eyes. One of the PM's campaign promises were to reveal the real reason that Frederick lost his visa. Has he done that? Think about all the other campaign promises; immediate injection of 100 million in the economy. Did we get that 100 mil? What about stabilizing and growing the country's economy? Fact is that the country has been experiencing NEGATIVE GROWTH from the time Labour came to office. What about his response to crime? What we got was being shafted by the US, our main sponsor and protector and this did not happen just so. Why didn't the US ask the King administration about extra judicial killings the were in the meat of things when it was alleged? In fact they were wating for Dr Honorable since he was the one making allegations, therefore he was required to prove it.
    The reason behind requiring DR to prove his allegations can be attached to the fact that the US does not believe that Dr really acts in his country's best interest as revealed on Wikileaks. By the way Wikileaks is considered as good evidence by the English system.


  17. So in turn you give in. Allow the school to investigate the fradulent document.
    There are political bullies... well, all of you (red, yellow, green etc..) are.
    Does this mean if you become the PM you will give in to requests that would
    not benefit us?


  18. Mr C hang in there for they will try to discredit your credentials but let the record show Kenny deceived the people as always with Walter Francios have they forgotten well the Pm started calling me Doctor so I assumed the position ! Rubbish they need to stop the figure pointing and name callous lets get down to business how are we going to fix this damn mess That Labor has created no jobs no hotels .


  19. Regardless of party affiliation, I hope those responsible get their asses sued. Some Lucians are just embarrassing, maybe they're jealous because they never passed an exam.

    No wonder the country is in a mess. Now see what happens when Lucian stupidity and ignorance meets proper international standards. Everyone will see what passes for politics in the island. Did you not think the man would show his certificates??? Shame on any of you idiots involved in this.


  20. other ministers post your bachelors and masters,i want to see how many of the ministers have what they claiming that they have


  21. That's small matters...the Americans went to Africa to get Obama's birth certificate...sar feb...hold strong bro


  22. but them degree certificates does not say the date issued/awarded, very strange to me. Anyways maybe its honorary degrees haha


    • @hmmm TRY LOOKING A BIT CLOSER. In true Lucian fashion you are running your mouth before understanding the issue.

      As SNO keeps telling you boneheads - read, read, read, read.

      Come back when you have spotted it.


      • look closer! the first certificate, the date at the bottom right corner of the first certificate


        • if you look much closer because you dam dams don't have degrees, that is the date the degree certificate was issued and it says July 2015, not the date he finished his degree