Allen Chastanet is nothing but a disaster, says Dr. Anthony

Allen Chastanet is nothing but a disaster, says Dr. Anthony
Dr. Anthony (left) and Chastanet (right)
Dr. Anthony (left) and Chastanet (right)

Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has told HTS Reporters that Allen Chastanet is nothing but a “disaster”.

The Prime Minister was responding to calls by Mr. Chastanet for his resignation in an interview with HTS News force on Tuesday, August 7, 2014. Dr. Anthony believes that Chastanet’s greatest preoccupation should be finding a seat to run.

Dr. Anthony told the reporters, “If you want to talk about asking another politician to resign you must win a seat. Allen Chastanet was roundly beaten in Soufriere by Harold Dalsan and what is he doing today? He is running here and there trying to persuade and cajole incumbent UWP Parliamentarians to give up their seats, so that he can have a safe seat. Only cowards do that.”

The SLP leader then referred to what he described as Allen Chastanet’s record of failure and disaster. Dr. Anthony said, “Everything he has touched has been a disaster. A good thing to do is to reflect for a moment on his record. Allen Chastanet was Minister for Tourism in this country for five years and I cannot recall any hotel expansion taking place or any investment coming into this country. What I remember about Allen Chastanet, is…[The] fiasco with Boxing in Paradise. There was the Hepple matter. [Then] the mass firing of tourism hostesses in Soufriere. I remember too, the embarrassment he caused over Suriname Airways. He embarrassed Prime Minister King, embarrassed Prime Minister Gonsalves and the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority.”

According to the SLP Political Leader, the Government of Saint Lucia has had to pay a heavy price for the decisions proposed, promoted and defended by Allen Chastanet when he was Minister for Tourism.

He told the reporters, “I am not even going to refer to the recent events except to mention too, the Daher Mall. He came out, he championed it and that turned out to be a monumental disaster. Allen Chastanet was at the center of the investment in Black Bay. The Government of Saint Lucia now has to repurchase these lands that were foolishly used to secure shares as well as lands purchased from the developers in the Canelles area – over sixty million dollars. So his history has been one of pure disaster and nothing else.”


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  1. We need to have both Kenny and chestney on the same show and questions both of them about their political history


  2. It makes no point asking what a man could do when we know what the other has done in the job of being PM. If your mate is abusive would you then stay with them because of the fear of finding another.

    Such are the logics of party hacks sucking your money.


  3. "So in other wards DR KENNY D ANTHONY is the servant of God. So basically whoever is in power and runs the country is a direct reflection of our SPIRITUAL CONDITION or mass conscientiousness".
    Try telling the Jews that Hitler was a man of God. Good luck.


  4. When Kenny Anthony became prime minister in 2011 he inherited an economy which was not in the best of shape.
    What did he do? He made it one hundred times worse,mind you ,he had promised better days and jobs,jobs and more jobs.
    Today,St.lucia is in a very deep economic hole.
    Instead of providing strategies as to how to get us out of the mess he created,what does he do.He calls Chastenet a disaster.
    Kenny is presently in charge of a disaster called the economy,and instead of fixing the problem(remember he had said that he knows how to fix the economy--- now someone tell me do you call making something really bad FIXING?
    Instead of using his energy to fix the economy,he uses it to say how Chastenet is a disaster,when in fact he is the real disaster.Every St .Lucian,even those who support him,will acknowledge that things are way worse now than they were prior to Kenny taking office in December 2011.
    Attacking Chastenet will not fix the economy.This is stupidity on the part of Kenny.But,once again he is hoping that the stupidity of some ST Lucians will enable him to get away with the deflection game.
    MY message to Kenny is to FIX THE ECONOMY,produce the jobs he promised and then attack Chastenet.Attacking Chastenet will not fix the economy.
    But then again,if you do not know what to do then you blame and attack whose are able to see that you know nothing about how to manage an economy.
    But,please remember,this deflection strategy only works with low-information people.
    CHASTENET not having a seat has nothing to do with solving ST.lucia's economic problems.
    Kenny should take the advice he gave to KING when King was prime minister.if you cannot do the job get out.
    Today we have realized that Kenny cannot do the job.HE SHOULD TAKE HIS OWN ADVICE AND GET OUT.


    • And they don't know bull foot, from bull cow about how to manage an economy and how to manage national debt. Our political simpletons that we repeatedly re-elect into office think that all that is left to do afterwards is to spend, borrow and tax. Then talk their usual real crap on the platforms and then go another round. As a typical idiot country, what else should we expect from those whom we send to represent us? The majority of us who vote are just too dumb to know the difference. That is why so many in the parties select political heads only on the basis of the lightness of skin colour. Nothing else.


  5. Hence the reason why we lucians will always be in this predicament that we are in because we do not think as we are suppose too. Even in this age of information and enlightenment we still remain in [bouteile noir] The nonsence we write and talk about, We followed the trend of Malparlez and Maypris. Very terrible in this age of Technology, Even our leaders involve in these instead of Educating the masses.
    Now what did the prime minister say concerning chastenet as minister of tourism the last 5 years of his Stewardship, Did he said something negative about chastenet, I don]t think so. All the bad decision that was made under his leadership who has to pay for it, Over the years we have become a nation of Gimme or mwen vlez and now we cannot come to grips that the world has change, people has change and we as a nation don't want to, You all need to think about mr chastenet record, Look at our situation right now and see who best can take us out of the mess that was created, Please stop bashing the prime minister as though he is the worst person, What about praying for our country and its leaders so they can make wise decision to help us get out of this this situation was not created overnight nor will it take overnight So please stop bashing and used the brains god has given us to think, talk, write, and most of all act wisely.
    I know lots of rubbish being posted are from the Uwp please do this not for party but for country sake, the future of our children.
    We all must sacrifice.


    • I know lots of rubbish being posted are from the UWP's.......You should know better because all the SLP's are white rum drunks, toothless catapol slippers, mooshwea head tying, diamond cigarette smoking people. Where would they have time to read SNO and on whos computer laptop iPhone,iPad etc are you kidding me? LMAO the joke is on you. We are using the brains God give us wisely to get Kenny out of here the party is OVER.


    • SALOP.....when kenny was TELLING INVESTORS DON'T COME TO ST. LUCIA and rallying behind MONROSE and the teachers telling the then government "PAY THE CIVIL SERVANTS...YOU PROMISE THEM NOW PAY THEM"...i eh hear his supporters say lets pray for the country....SAC SALOPS...


  6. This is the nonsense I hate about r Anthony. There he is accusing Chastanet of trying to get a safe site to run. In 1997 he was given a save sit to run. Vieux Fort South. Though at that time is was Mr. Peter Josie the incumbent, who was elected as an SLP candidate but cross the floor. The seat was always strong SLP, so what nonsense is he talking about. If Kenny is referring to the Micoud South seat, he should be reminded that Arsene James on more than one occasion stated to the media that it would be his last term. I know right now he has regain confidence in the Party since there is a real leader at the head. I hope he Arsene do the right thing for the country and bow out with grace. He served good.