NewsAllen Chastanet Will Fail to Show Up for The Third Time

St. Lucia News OnlineMay 24, 202240282 min

Tomorrow, September 14th, the House of Assembly will be meeting to take the Drugs (Prevention of the Misuse) Amendment Bill through its final stages. The anticipated change in the legislation will allow for the private use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

The use of the drug in public places will remain an offence and subject to a summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $1000. Such a penalty will no longer form part of a person’s criminal record. The “freeing up of the weed” appears to be far more popular than legislators initially thought. Disappointedly for users, the price of a spliff, being no longer an anti-social activity, is likely to go up with the change in legislation because the activities of large suppliers of marijuana remain illegal. Demand is expected to outstrip supply.

At this sitting of the house, Allen Chastanet will again for the third consecutive time fail to appear to make his contribution to the debate in the name of the people he is supposed to represent. The former prime minister continues to show his contempt for the people of Saint Lucia. As Leader of the Opposition, he is entitled to the equivalent of a ministerial salary (just over $10,000 per month). Will the former prime minister collect this salary even though he has failed to turn up for work for over one month? SLNO will be keeping watch over this one.

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