Alleged hit-and-run driver beaten

Alleged hit-and-run driver beaten
Not the minibus involved in the incident.
Not the minibus involved in the incident.
Not the minibus involved in the incident.

Police said they are investigating an incident early Sunday afternoon in which a Gros Islet bus driver was taken to hospital after he was assaulted for allegedly hitting a female pedestrian with his vehicle and speeding off.

The female, believed to be in her early 20s, was treated for minor injuries.

A senior police official told St. Lucia News Online that the details are sketchy at this moment, but confirmed that the lawmen received reports that the bus driver was assaulted due to a hit and run incident.

SNO was told that after the accident, the bus driver was pursued by persons in another vehicle, who stopped him near Friendship Inn, Sunny Acres and assaulted him.

It is not clear what relation the persons who carried out the alleged assault have with the pedestrian.



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  1. Follow the guy as they did and call the police to pick him up. There was no need for the beating, two wrongs don't make a right.


  2. Where is a patrol cop when you need one? Guess they were too tired giving tickets to cars parked on eroded lines earlier.


  3. partly the insurance companies are the roots of this behavior.
    If the car insurances was covering in full any damage done to others (without the driver have to cover the first 1500$), things like this would rarely happening.


    • And the flip side of the coin is that if they were to pay all the small claims, we wouldn't be able to afford the premiums.


    • Really accountability of ones actioned is placed on an insurance company???

      Being a moral person, is your own problem, stop blame sharing.


  4. What do you expect from these unqualified savages - they should not even be on the road, they are untested and unregulated cowboys who think they own the road. all of them need good licks and a wake up call. #testthemall #getemofftheroad


  5. Just Friday night this same thing happened to me, while chatting with someone in my parked vehicle it was hit and the driver sped away, had to pursue him in another vehicle with a driver who saw the incident, after catching up with the culprit I got some verbal abuse at the back of it. Hit and run is quickly becoming the norm here.
    Hitting someone and not stopping is disgraceful, this is a life, show some responsibility.
    This beating serves him right lets bet he does not run away from his responsibility as a driver again.


  6. He should be in ICU.
    It's getting to popular here "the hit and run thing"
    Drivers have to understand that accidents can't always be avoided.
    So just face it.
    I'm a driver too.


  7. Sadly this is too often a regular occurrence, drivers fleeing the seen of an accident. Can't blame them after all Traffic police are never enforcing the traffic laws which are there to be applied in every traffic incident.
    Driver got what he deserved! Am sure, now, he will drive with with due care and attention!!!


  8. Let's call that incident "a citizen's arrest which is legal. I don't have a problem with that regardless of what the assaulters' relationship is with the victim.


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