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Allegations of domestic violence in Kimberly Williams-De Leon matter not true, brother says

By SNO Staff

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Kimberly De Leon (left) was shot to death and her husband a cop (right) is fingered by police as a “person of interest” but he has not been arrested or charged.

(SNO) — The brother of Kimberly Williams-De Leon, who was fatally shot on October 29, is dismissing allegations that domestic violence was involved in her marriage life.

He spoke to The Star newspaper following a candlelight vigil for his sister on Tuesday.

“It’s normal for people to assume what they want,” he was quoted as saying.

He said the allegations of domestic abuse are just rumors and only verbal confrontations were involved.

“But it was just rumours, I can tell you that. It was just verbal confrontation, that’s all. Not anything physical. It was just man and woman talk; just quarrelling,” he pointed out.

When asked whether these confrontations possibly led to his sister’s death, the relative said he hopes not.

“I don’t want to point fingers at anyone. I wasn’t there and I’m definitely not going to make any connections,” he stated.

He also said that some of the family were interviewed by the police but, as for himself, he stopped co-operating with them.

“It was something that was said to me and I wasn’t too pleased. So I guess, basically, I kind of cut off the conversation,” he revealed.

Williams-De Leon was shot and killed on October 29. She died due to a gunshot wound to her head, according to the post-mortem.

Her husband, a police officer, was named as a person of interest in the matter.  He is now on administrative leave.

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  1. How many more St,Lucian women have to die from domestic violence before the different heads of government
    Put into place a safe heaven for our women.
    So many of our sisters and brothers are suffering in silence and it’s only after they are murdered we get to know how they have been abuse
    Physically, mentally and emotionally.
    We all need to take a stand against domestic violence no matter who who are what position you holdin society
    Bring justice to whosoever is responsible for taking the life of this young woman period
    So many unsolved crimes in our country it’s pathetic really. The Justice System in St? Lucia is for the dogs seriously shame
    On those who are supposed to be investigateing these crime dirty as always 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  2. Take a loan and hire a foreign lawyer

  3. Another case that will be swept under the rug you all wait and see. T

  4. That brother is a DUMB ASS. Boy shut up. You are a FOOL.

  5. husband must have threaten or pay u off why come now and make that statement

  6. There will be more facts to follow it’s not over we have seen this face over and over on the net.Wait for the mother &co

  7. Y'all media personnel are so effing bias....why blurr his face?I've seen on countless times where y'all just post alleged poor accuse of crimes plastering their faces with no apologies even one time a thug spat at one of u and u still had the courage to places like mexico and trinidad u guys get assassinated for such action......point is if u feel it's necessary to pubish one u should do all or follow procedure of being innocent until proven guilty before posting accuse pics.

  8. why did they invite this jackass brother. Speak to the mother. you will get cold at what she has to say.

    • Well Linus you seem to know alot so why don't you come forward. If the brother doesn't know about any physical abuse done to his sister what you want him to say

      • That the brother should have indicated that he was not aware of any domestic violence maybe because his sister never indicated that too him and that the reporter should probably speak to his mother????? How about that.............because obviously HE the brother did not know what was going on with his sister and her ex husband.

  9. Verbal abuse is as bad as physical abuse both can lead in the same direction

    • So what are you saying verbal abuse is enough to have somebody as a "person of interest?" In fact the police should have been under advice that there is no official or legal term as "a person of interest." and the criminal code makes no mention of any such term except that of being a "suspect." Therefore people can be included and then either cleared or charged as suspects. There should also be confidentiality when dealing with suspects because if they are cleared then the public should never have been informed that they were suspects in the first place. However, if they are eventually charged then the history behind them becoming a suspect can be referenced.

      Lets face it the police did a sloppy job and still there exists no official procedure of handling and reporting on criminal cases. Everything is adhoc and that is why most cases are either disposed of before trial or suspects spend many years on remand which whether deliberate or inadvertent becomes an unconstitutional prison sentence. This is typically where our justice system fails and it starts with the police. The long and unlawful delays hampers the duties of magistrates, judges, lawyers resulting in even more lengthy and trials and miscarriage of justice. Therefore incompetent policing is at the heart of a non functional justice system and we can hire a thousand magistrates or judges, have court all night long and the problem will remain the same.


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