All roads lead to Castries this Friday – for Assou Square

All roads lead to Castries this Friday – for Assou Square
Assou Square 2015.

The highly-anticipated New Year’s event – Assou Square – will be hosted for three days this year, starting after midnight mass on Friday, until Sunday, when the curtains will come down.

Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander has said during discussions with the Castries City Council and the Ministry of Tourism, the plan was to host the event for two days – Friday and Saturday.

However, he said the vendors were concerned that the two days would not be adequate for them to make enough money to cover the new fees for the stalls and make a reasonable profit.

“We took a decision moving forward that we would add an additional day to the event. So, it will start after Thursday midnight mass, into Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will finish at 10 p.m each day,” he said.

Alexander admitted that the extended days may stretch the resources within the Force.

“But I think that moving along, we need to give people a chance and look at their concerns and try to see how best we can come to a solution, where there is a win-win situation,” he added.

The top cop’s main concern is ensuring that vendors take responsibility for what they do. “They should help to cut down the disorderly behaviour and should be reminded not to sell alcohol to minors.”

He continued: “Some people may want to have sales, but they also have to look at not selling alcohol to people who are already drunk, because they may only be a nuisance to the public, but can become victims of crime too,” he ended.


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  1. Woy woy E pa ne assay. I hope this is not the end of the great tradition
    begone many years ago, and now, without the old bus ride, it's still good.


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