Alexander responds to rumours of senior cops being sent on retirement

Alexander responds to rumours of senior cops being sent on retirement
Errol Alexander
Errol Alexander
Errol Alexander

Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander said he is unaware of plans to retire a group of senior police officers from the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Alexander said he would not be able to confirm such “rumours”, but has informed the local media that if such a situation arises, he will know how to deal with it.

“I take it as rumour, because there are no facts…If the time comes then from my standpoint, I will know what to do, because I think I have enough experience to know what to do,” he said.

Recent media reports indicate that the authorities are considering retiring at least four senior officers in the public’s interest, who could be written soon.

Alexander’s appointment as acting commissioner of police for the past three months comes to an end on Friday, July 31. It is unclear whether he is one of the said officers that could be sent on retirement.

Some believe that Vernon Francois, who has been on leave for several months now, could return as commissioner of police, while others have a different opinion.

Francois who was expected to return to work on June 30, 2015, was instructed to remain on leave by the Public Service Ministry.

Francois was initially instructed to proceed on 40 days vacation leave after his first set of leave expired.

It is not clear as to the motive behind this, but Francois went on leave before Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony addressed the nation on the extra-judicial killings report in early March.

There have been reports that the police force is expected to undergo a major reform.


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  1. the minister of national security is obviously unfit and ineffective in his post, no serious report or comment on this matter from since the release from the PM and these police are not above the law, how can ppl kill and then get retirement packages,,this is clearly reward for murder. I will take it to the streets even though its by myself to see those policemen and women go to jail for those heinous acts of murder ...........lucians dat eh going down so


  2. System needs complete overhaul! All senior rank n file needs to go!! Sad to say they are to comfortable in their posts! Like everywhere else a job is not for life especially in the public service!! Senior rank and file.needs to understand their jobs are on the line if they are not performing or conforming. They are there to enforce the law Legally at all times!


  3. System need major overhauling! Long overdue, all senior rank and file needs to go!! To comfortable in posts sitting on their assessment not doing their jobs and still getting paid by my Taxes!!


  4. He needs to stay on leave.
    He left his house to untidy. If you are the head of the house and so many unlawful things are happening , you are just not doing you'd job.
    Being good friends with your staff causes lack of respect sometimes.
    When all these UN lawful crimes was committed by our own police officers.
    When it hit the news did the commissioner of police did an investigation?. It would get so far.
    Life's were taking unlawfully.
    You job should be taken away too.
    Not forgetting how nasty the situation was when you found your self in office. Just took over another man job.
    CARMA. Please stay on leave.
    Because as a young st. Lucian I blame you for not disciplining your staff. If your are the head and your body parts are dirty , you form part of the dirt too.
    My opinion .


  5. For too long the entire St. Lucia police force has been plagued with undesirables unfit to "protect and serve" a nation, seems to me had to take an external force to high light the truths what of what so many St. Lucians have been echoing for decades! The police force, traffic department and our judicial system need a complete and utter shake down and overhaul. This also includes the man heading our so called Ministry of national security!! From where I stand I see him leaving our island wide open for increased un explained criminal/gang related activities.
    Until him or someone he knows isn't directly affected by this latest wave of gun violence then we are All Doomed! No police force no judicial system, back to the WILD WILD WEST in 21st century St. Lucia


  6. The man is out already let him continue on all leave owed to him.After that has been exhausted then one can speculate. No officer officer should be allowed to accumulate so many days vacation leave for the good of any organisation.This is poor management skills,This hurts any organisation especially being the head.Your annual leave must be taken in full every year,Hence we would not think negatively at this point.St.Lucian the guy is rightfully and legally on leave.When i hear the former press secretary talking nonsense on news spin i wonder if he understand anything or he is just being mischievous.


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