Alexander not re-applying for top post; ministers comment

Alexander not re-applying for top post; ministers comment
Errol Alexander
Errol Alexander
Errol Alexander

National Security Minister Victor Lacobiniere said he hopes that a new Commissioner of Police (COP) could be appointed soon to bring some stability to the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Lacobiniere was responding to the recent disclosure made by acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander of plans to retire from the Force and not to re-apply for the top position.

Alexander and Director of Corrections Vern Garde had applied for the vacant post last year, but both men were sent letters in early January, informing them that their applications had been rejected.

This publication understands that the decision was taken following a court hearing, where a senior police officer sought a judicial review of the application process.

While the Public Service Commission (PSC) has not come forward with an explanation as to reason behind rejecting the applications, they have moved to re-advertise the position.

Commenting on the issue, Minister James Fletcher expressed similar sentiments stating that the position is an important one, since it has to do with national security.

Fletcher said from information he received, the PSC was not please with the results of the first set of interviews and decided to re-advertise the post.

The minister views Alexander’s exit from the RSLPF as a great loss and noted that there is a major issue when it comes to succession planning in the public sector, something he hopes can be addressed.


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  1. For far too long politicians interfer with the running of the police force. The worse has been with the present minister of national security. Politician need to understand that they are a dime a dozen, they come and go and the force remains. They are a poison and they need to ssto their interference.


  2. Mr Minster please retire with the commissioner, you darm waste of tax payers money, and not only a new commissioner is needed but a few young heads to replace those uneducated so call senior officers at the top.


  3. When government whether it's red , yellow or green stop playing politics with the civil servants then and only then there will be successful replacement in the civil service. For too long the police force has been a football to which ever party that's in office.


  4. they were not pleased with the interviews??? or they wanted to give the job to one of the boys. Good thing they were stopped.
    I want to know what about the Dr Johnny, who served in the force before, and has served with the trinidad police on postgraduate levels.. His interview wasnt good too??? maybe we need someone like him with experience in another police force. But then again, i heard even he didnt reapply..
    What is going on. Are we serious in this country???


  5. I hope you'll know you'll have a deadline of April 2016. Remember the EU coming back for a progress report.
    PM gave them his word that the appointment was to be made very soon on the same day there was a court hearing and the applications was rejected.


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