Alexander, Garde in the race to become St. Lucia’s next top cop

Alexander, Garde in the race to become St. Lucia’s next top cop
Left to right: Alexander, Garde.
Left to right: Alexander, Garde.
Left to right: Alexander, Garde.

Two of the most senior police officers are reportedly top candidates, who have applied to become police commissioner of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Reports are that acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander and Director of Corrections Vern Garde have been identified as the two front runners in the race.

Both Alexander and Garde are said to be well qualified for the position.

They were interviewed for the position last week, sources said.

The position was first advertised on October 23, 2015 on the Government Information Service (GIS) website and the submission date was extended to November 13, 2015.

Alexander was placed as acting COP after Vernon Francois was sent on leave following a public address made by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony on the findings of the IMPACS report.

In early September 2015, Francois made a request for early retirement, after months of being sent on leave. The request was forwarded to the Public Service Commission and was later approved.

Alexander is expected to commence pre-retirement leave in April of 2016.


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  1. It is funnny how we ST LUCIANS think whoever we like or choose should be made TOP COP then maybe we shud have many!!!!!..........don't forget there will be only one TOP COP


  2. Once SLP is in charge of the country the least qualified will be appointed as the top cop. you ask why? "BECAUSE SLP CAN AND WILL" doing something wrong does not matter anymore. Power corrupts and it not only restricted to the Police and Customs but the Ministers of Government as well.


  3. Mr Francois where are you?? You see what's happening to us?? We miss you like FOX!! This is food for crabs....I don't eat that kind of meal, it upsets me. choops!! TF??


  4. By all means persons are allowed to change their minds. However, I believe it is questionable and systematically questionable that an individual can willingly request and obtain early retirement from an organization (all of which is fine) but then apply to return to this same entity whether it be at the same rank they left or or greater. Speaks volumes about our system if this were to be entertained.


  5. May saiy people.... I keep saying I will read comments then sip my tea.... I almost burnt myself sipping and laughing at the same time.... Lawd!!!! Them comments funny.... ?????????????????


  6. So why that Garde guy so upwardly mobile? You just get a big job at Bordelais and now you already want to be Police Commissioner. Prove yourself at the BCF before you try to put on Commissioner boots. Take your time garcon. Pwan tan'ou.


  7. Hold on.vernr garde hv been appointed a post by doing so.he created a vacancy for a young prospective police officer second errol is going on retirement allow him to go thats making space unemployment will decrease as those that hv to go will go, why take officers who are retired and have received a pension back.into the force its really damn and because of polictics things will never go right moreover the khoas will just not mesh ifbu are a leader you got to lead by example non of you'll care about the welfare of you'll officers persons who are on certified sick leave don't get paid on Saturdays and Sundays y is that when officers work Saturdays and Sundays like gipsy "the sinking ships , somebody stealing the soul of the nation "


  8. I feel sorry for the police force. This government will surely kill it. I agree that Alexander is not the best choice. But Guard is no better. First he does meet the basic requirements as advertised. He essentially is an Inspector in the Police Force since he is seconded to Bordelias. He could not have be contracted because he has not served twenty years in the force and therefore could not have retired to take up the Bordelias contract.

    Second, he does not have the requisite managerial experience and will NEVER NEVER NEVER get the support of majority its of the police officers. He is a political stooge, one who has been used to do much harm to this organization. In his unbridled quest to occupy the office of commissioner he has destroyed everything in his path. If he were to be appointed COP Karma will surely have a filled day. Chaos will surely reign.


  9. there is a soon to be doctor of criminology from the west of st.lucia who served over 20 yrs in the force who I heard applied. which of those front runners is more qualified than a soon to be phD??? furthermore I heard he worked with another police force in the caribbean?
    i hope them fellas eh coming with a next job for the boys thing... looks like guard went to prisons too fast.huh.
    there may have been persons who are shortlisted and not interviewed yet as they may be off island or whatever reason.


  10. If garde is appointed commissioner this will bring more chaos into the force....from inspector to becoming commissioner of police. Errol is way more qualified n more experienced and a better leader. Yes he has to retire this year but he cud be awarded a contract, atleast another year.


    • With all his so called qualifications and experience how has he applied it to his current post? How long has he been acting? What has he done so far? Has the level of crime decreased?


  11. Oh boy! Show me your report card Alexander! What have you done or achieved so far? Nada. zero. zilch! go long man and retire...byeeeee


  12. Errol Alexander cannot even represent himself far less the Police Force. There have been complains about him as the acting commissioner , so I cannot see him being the commissioner bad choice, The other thing his English is too rough and needs to be polish a bit


  13. What a joke,Vern Garde I trained with this guy and he is as dumb as an ox,what has Saint Lucia become ,this guy doesn't know any policing ,actually Alexander was our Sgt at training school,if you had to be dismissed based on performance at training school Garde wouldn't be a cop,LMFAO,


  14. So why do we hv a DCP in severin Moncherry,ACP'S in Milton Desir,Dorian O'brian,Moses James,n others, n Garde who is already in charge of the prisons,applying for da post ov comissioner ? So y can't da deputy full in da void as comissioner? Y shud there be outside interference? In St lucia we promote too many square pegs in round holes,too much favouritism,we promote men who r scared ov responsibility.


  15. Out of the frying pan into the fire! You cannot trust anyone appointed by the SLP. This partry is rotten to the very core from the very top to very bottom. The writing is on the wall for a 17:0 SLP loss.

    Goodbye! Happy riddance to very bad stinking rubbish!


  16. I like Errol Alexander better, HOWEVER, with him retiring next year, and the appointment of a new police commissioner to be made later this month or even early next year, does it make any sense to appoint Mr Alexander when he only has about 4 months left in the police force??

    Let do things and do it right the first time! He shouldn't have been in the race. If they wanted, they could have allow him to remain acting till he departs and then appoint a new commissioner.

    It's like the people you expect to make the smartest decisions are the ones who make the most ridiculous ones!


  17. Why he applied if he is leaving next year? Another waste of ink to advertised again makes no sense.Ok he want to retire as commissioner.


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