Alexander, Garde applications for COP post rejected

Alexander, Garde applications for COP post rejected
Left to right: Alexander, Garde.
Left to right: Alexander, Garde.
Left to right: Alexander, Garde.

The applications of both top runners for the post of Commissioner of Police (COP) have been rejected.

Reports are that Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander and Director of Corrections Vern Garde have received letters informing them of the decision.

This publication understands that the decision was taken following a court hearing on Thursday, where a police officer is seeking a judicial review of the application process.

Reports are that the post of Police Commissioner will be re-advertised next week.

When questioned about the issue today at a press conference, Alexander brushed aside the matter and did not confirm of deny that his application has been rejected.


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  1. I know for sure Mon does NOT meet the criteria so let's see if they will blatantly give it to him. smh!


  2. Well it has to be one of the boys who will qualify for for the boys. Let's see who it will be!


  3. ?????
    Wait a minute, I am seeking clarification.

    In the article SNO ran yesterday 14 January 2015, regarding what the EU diplomats said:
    "Barfod said the Prime Minister has given his assurance that the vacancies for a new DPP, Deputy DPP and Commissioner of Police are well on track and these appointments could happen anytime soon. - See more at:

    So what happen now? The post for Commissioner will be advertised next week?????
    But the article in the beginning indicated that " Several issues were raised in relation to security and justice when three European diplomats met with Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony today (Jan.14) at his Castries office."
    I am confused. So Kenny had no idea that these applications could of been rejected? At that there was a court process on the same 14th?

    What really going on?


    • You are not confused garcon. Someone is trying to confuse YOU!

      Note the source and IMPACS of all this confusion. Desperation to hold on to political seats and especially titles. This grows and grows and gnaws on your brains until all the world is a labyrinth!!! Another jabbering Press Release is due. You want to bet?

      Now, tell us who does seem totally ... at the deep end. The Peter Principle is proving to be more than relevant, and is very much at work here, for all of these SLP's idle ministers. No exceptions evident. La lune coowee, aypee jour barway-lee.


  4. In my opinion this is the best decision. After having a man like Vernon Francois as top Cop , it would be a misfit If either of these two were appointed. Alexander to me should not even have been acting. By the way I thought he was due for pre retirement as of April 2016. Are Wa We, you mean out of all these police officers we have in St. Lucia, the only two who would have qualified at this time to become Commissioner are these two, thank God they were denied. I believe things would have been worse with either of them at the helm


    • Only two were interviewed but not only two qualified. In fact, one of the two- Garde -was far far far from the qualifications. Wonder how he was shortlisted? By the way, if they were real front runners, where did they stumble?

      There was also a third person interviewed-retired Sergeant J. Was he also rejected?


  5. who is going to save the day all corrupted and curse when the trust is gone then there is nothing left!!


  6. Here we go again with the dog chasing it's tail BATIZE an our citizens are the ones left with the flees trying get the blood sucking an criminal activity to stop


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