BREAKING NEWS: AIMU head slapped with 8 criminal charges

BREAKING NEWS: AIMU head slapped with 8 criminal charges


Head of the American International Medical University (AIMU) Gros-Islet campus Dr. Savaran Babu Raj was slapped with eight charges when he made an appearance at the Gros Islet court today.

Dr. Raj, 45, appeared before Magistrate Burtlyn Reynolds who read the charges to him. He was officially charged for the unlawful possession of visa applications and illegal advertising. He is facing six other charges.

The AIMU head was asked to surrender his travel documents, report to the Rodney Bay Police station twice a week and not contact the virtual complainants either directly or indirectly.

Dr. Raj was granted bail in the sum of EC$20,000 cash.

He was represented by Attorney-at-Law Alberton Richelieu.

Dr. Raj is scheduled to make another court appearance on September 9, 2015.


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  1. I am a proud nursing student of AIMU.......with a nursing license which I worked hard for, who vex lose.
    my hard work, sweat, sleepless nights, early mornings, burning the midnight oil.......A A
    Get a life dropout, you were too lazy to make those sacrifices.


  2. I'm here reading alot of bull by people who know nothing or ppl who came after they tried to fix their shit. A number of individuals who began studying at AIMU cannot pursue or complete their studies because of what this school put us through. Indians and St. Lucians alike because the school was not accredited at the time. We were not even able to get a transfer to other like institutions in St. lucia itself. Some of us and our parents sold properties, took loans and used their personal monies just to pay for our education and nothing came out of it. Others were able to start afresh in other schools here and others went abroad. Some were never able to restart and are still struggling from this ordeal. It was time they investigated that man. He is selfish, wicked and self centered. I hope he gets what he deserves and justice is served for al who were affected. I also hope the truth comes to light with all the crookedness that went on so that school could run.


    • If you have the proof why dont you go with your lawyer and confront yourself ...Think before you write anything ..whwtever you wrote does not make any sense ...shit shit


    • What exactly did the school put you through? Medical school is tough no matter where you go, I started at the school while it was still fairly new and I remember a lot of people not wanting to come for classes, wanting more time off, wanting this and that because they were too lazy to do what needed to be done. Why is it that so many others made it through and you're just here whining online ? Tell the truth, you didn't want to put in the hard work, simple as that.


  3. Can all the geniuses questioning the school's accreditation explain something to me please. As a student of the school, I did rotations in Georgia and Chicago and I know classmates who did rotations in Florida and Washington. With American hospitals being paranoid about lawsuits, explain to me how you think that it would be possible for people from an illegitimate school to do rotations and work on patients in American hospitals without being kicked out. The school was thoroughly researched by the hospitals before students were allowed to go there, so how is it that teams of lawyers, doctors, etc would have missed something that people who hide behind negativity and their keyboards and haven't done any research would see?
    People like to talk without knowing things too much, the individual was charged, noticed the police said nothing about the school being unaccredited or illegitimate. The charges were pressed against one person, not the entire school or it's administrative body.


    • tammy
      All you have to do to be accredited is to BUY a charter from the Government.OK?
      AIMU bought its charter and so can operate and grant degrees.
      For students to rotate in USA HOSPITALS money is also paid.
      So you have done some rotations...good.
      But tell us how many AIMU students have passed USMLE 1 OR usmle 2.
      tell us how many AIMU students have got resedencies?

      now you can go back to your mark, run in again and bowl at the stumps


      • Vee ..I am one of the student that passed USMLE STEP1 and STEP 2 wrting STEP3 in few months . Right now I am in U.S , I did my observership in US. When I wrote my Step 1 and 2 , two of my batchmates also wrote their Steps and to add to that I am not a U.S citizen . Dont just write anything if you dont have any information. Dont be jealousy man ...


      • Vee, I think I would be the best person to answer you . I am a graduate of AIMU in 2013 and finished all my step 1, 2 and 3 and getting ready for residency . I was really shocked to see how people make nasty comments without knowing anything . God save these people ...


      • Really Vardhun, Vee, you couldn't pick a less obvious name, stop lying, you were never a teacher at the school and you didn't want to study like you should have, that's why you were kicked out.


      • Vee, you are showing how little you know, for accreditation to be done, there are inspections, investigations and revisions of the necessary materials. Of course the hospitals have to be paid for people to do rotations there, that does not mean money is the ONLY thing that has to be done, the hospital investigates the schools or they will be most likely sued if anything happens to their patient because of a student from an illegitimate school. Show me a school that has clinical rotations for free or where the hospital does not get paid. ALL medical schools have to pay the hospitals. Do your research before you come and show us how little you know. I personally know several students who have cleared all their steps and are practicing in the states, India and the Caribbean. Go grind your axe somewhere else.


    • Tammy,

      Some people are dumb ..Either dont know anything or they know everything and wants to defame the school ...


  4. AIMU is the only school in saint lucia that gives kaplan training ...all nursing students are given intensive training that is why we have good results from regional examinations


  5. I am one of the graduated student now in my home country practicing with licence. ..I loved my school and I am very grateful and lucky to have been studied at this school


  6. Sometimes all a young St Lucian wants to do is get a decent solid education. We might not always be able to live home to go to the U.S. Or elsewhere to study. So when schools come over here we are so quick and gullible to want to enroll because we think it is easier and better and would make attaining our educational goals more of a reality. This can't be happening all over again. Who is responsible for allowing those people to set up shop on our island promising our young people better opportunities for education. Our health care system is suffering, yet many nurses are out of a job... And now we have this ??


  7. These charges has nothing to do with the running of the foolish man made foolish decisions and now he must pay but there are students who have left the institution and are license n practicing doctors and nurses. Nurses right here in st lucia and abroad. There is graduation every year for nurses and white coat ceremonies. The media needs to call this for what it is one man was charged that has nothing to do with the school operations or accreditations or nothing but HIM


  8. In here seem to have a lot of false nurses lol..... Admit that you all were @u*k8d an move on duh uh... Progression, re-bounce from the shock and move on.


    • How are they "false nurses"? Have you examined their credentials? Their certifications from external bodies or are you just trying to assume things because you don't want to see people get ahead in life.


      • Exactly stellar somebody is jealous and his ass is burning and he things that by doing so his ass gets cooled...


  9. So wait all that drama raid school etc and that's it unlawful possession of visa applications and illegal advertising mwem mem , chase investors and cry the country have no jobs .


  10. GREAT JOB MS REYNOLDS!!!!!!!!! St Lucia is too small for such activity,they believe that they could come here to practice the same corruption from their country,bRAVOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. XXXX Stop hiding you shame that your school failed you, an you failed yourself... Point blank lol yes those at Lambirds are certified as well as you darling. Jackass.. Don't let it get you down think positive, learn and progress.


  12. Let me explain the "100% pass" for those who are confused and misunderstanding.
    There is AIMU pass and RENR pass.
    *RENR (regional examination for Nurse registration)-when successful at that exam,the students are then issued a license to practice.
    AIMU claimed to have a 100% pass nursing students MEANING that 100% of the nursing students at THEIR school passed THEIR requirements to be able to graduate from THEIR school.
    HOWEVER,these SAME students must THEN write the RENR (as mentioned above) in order to be able to work in the country or region.
    AIMU does NOT admit to 100% Pass in RENR ALTHOUGH one year they ACTUALLY did have 100% pass at the RENR.

    Simply put- AIMU 100% pass has to do with the school and NOTHING to do with RENR nor Council.