Ailing Dennery resident needs your help

Ailing Dennery resident needs your help

1ef50300-c0d7-4131-8d2c-df33dfd6d111_profileA public plea has been made to St. Lucians to assist one of their countrymen.

According to a post on crowdfunding site,, a resident from La Caye, Dennery, identified as Hilary Charles, aka Bolo, is suffering from “kidney disease, fluid collection in legs and upper area, just to name a few”.

The post was written by Bolo’s sister, Curtisha Charles, who appealed for financial assistance from the public.

“He now has to go to dialysis 3 times a week until all the swelling goes down, where after he may be sent home. He will, however need to be on dialysis forever afterwards,” the brother said.

“Unfortunately he has no insurance and needs all the financial help he can get. Therefore all the funds received here will go towards his treatment in St. Maarten,” he added.

Persons interested in making donations can do so by clicking here BOLO’S MEDICAL AID


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  1. I cannot donate financially but I will donate the blood of jesus and ask god to allow the blood of jesus to flow through his veins with the help of the holy spirit and that he be healed in jesus name amen god is your side bro he will never leave u nor forsake just trust him and have faith god bless u and always keep sweet in jesus Christ and always make a smile your style.god loves u


  2. You are on my prayer list Bolo. I believe there will be a tremendous support beyond that you or anyone will expect.Hang in there!!!

    May Jesus' grace be over you and his love he has demonstrated on the cross manifest his healing power in your area of need. Trust in Him, call on Him, He will be there!..Blessing


  3. You need to ask your self how many of these dialysis machine we have in St.Lucia. We have persons on waiting list just to get that treatment


  4. A western dance n the whole public will definitly support. N dennery ppl will come out for sure. He is a good person we aint got nothing bad to say abt him.


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