Agriculturists rally against Taro Blight Disease

Agriculturists rally against Taro Blight Disease

(GIS) – Dasheen producers from agricultural region eight met at the Inland Reception and Distribution Center in Odsan, recently, for a one-day workshop on the identification and management of the Taro Blight Disease in dasheen crops.

Taro Blight is a fungal disease which causes discoloration and scaring to the leaves of plant species from the dasheen family. The disease was first identified in Saint Lucia in 2007 and has affected the livelihood of dasheen producers ever since it was introduced.

The Taro Blight Disease workshop focused on various husbandry practices that could be used to minimize the spread of the disease. Organizers of the workshop also collaborated with the Agricultural Research and Development Division to reiterate the need for farmers to ensure safety when handling toxic chemicals.


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