Agriculture ministry seeks rare mango plants

Agriculture ministry seeks rare mango plants

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Department of Forestry, through the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) and the OECS would like to inform the general public of the ongoing Mango Biodiversity Project.

The primary objective of the project is to improve Sustainable Land Management through the cultivation of a variety of mango species along riverbanks, within farmlands, and within particular forest reserves.

In light of this, the department seeks the assistance of the general public in locating rare mango plants in an effort to recover these rare species for replanting and rehabilitation purposes. Some rare mango species includes Mango Tin Crem, Mango Tin, Mango De Wi Dou, Mango Ti Khaki, Mango Jupar, Mango Bwelai Jhorl, Mango Jabal, Mango Cocoa Bef, Mango Vere, etc.

Persons who own these species or any other rare mango species, or who may be aware of where these species can be located, are kindly asked to contact the Department of Forestry at 758.716.5198.


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  1. I have never heard of those magoes...i hope they taste good....but Mon Repos/Micoud have a lot of mango vert


  2. There are some lost mango species in Choiseul that people cut down and many were never replanted. I have not seen them in a while. One is a deep yellow mango called "mango booden (belly) fan". It was named like this because it had a split along the middle of the mango like a split belly. If you ate it when it was not ripe enough, even when it was yellow, it would burn your mouth. but this was the creamiest mango I ever had when properly ripe. Although it being small, you had to eat many of them. There is also another one going extinct in Choiseul soon, the "mango la rose". Next to Julie mangoes its my favourite. Deep red, the colour of roses on the outside.


  3. Does any one recall the mango Bui le jol "burn your mouth" there was one in Choiseul. I think it's extint already.


  4. Anonymous, please, find something else to do with your fingers. Is everything political to you? What is wrong in what the Forestry Department is trying to do? Stop commenting for commenting sake. Bravo to you Forestry Department for trying to save our mangoes, especially mango tin.


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