Agricultural Complex relocation imminent due to DSH project – sources

Agricultural Complex relocation imminent due to DSH project – sources
Beausejour Agricultural Complex
Beausejour Agricultural Complex
Beausejour Agricultural Complex

The Beausejour Agricultural Complex in Vieux-Fort will be relocated to Micoud to make way for the Desert Star Holding (DSH) project on which preparatory work has begun a few weeks ago.

That’s according to well-placed sources at the Ministry of Agriculture.

However, the staff at the complex, some of whom say they are aware of the move, has not been informed when exactly they will be relocated.

Earlier this month, the complex was deemed unsafe for work by the labour department which advised the staff to stay away from their place of work.

After staying away for almost three weeks, they were asked last week to return to work by management after some renovation work was done on the building. But according to the workers, work was done only in the building, but not outside.

It was rumoured that the tardiness in addressing the concerns of the workers was as a result of government’s intention to relocate the workers.

Work on the project is taking place about 100 metres from the complex.

In the meantime, the agricultural workers are experiencing some discomfort whenever it’s dry and a bit windy, due to the dust, which comes from the project —  a contentious issue from since it’s announcement last year.


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  1. I thought that there was no agreement/contract. The disposable Chastened said "it is a framework agreement"" . . . . Chastened go choke on an egg. The lier that you are!


  2. The agricultural complex can be relocated,whatever it takes to proceed with the project should be done.Lucia needs such a project because it would be the catylist for other projects.The south and st lucia needs employment by any means necessary.


  3. What exactly is going on at that "complex" anyway? Agriculture in st. Lucia is going nowhere. I haven't seen or heard from the Agriculture Minister or his Senior officials about anything of significance, in quite a while.


  4. I thought the country was broke!! ... why is it tax payers dollars can fund somethings and not others? where exactly is the money coming from to "relocate" an entire build to micoud ? how much would this cost ? Quedstions Mr Prime Minister


  5. So you meanssss to tell me that the Prime Minister will NOT take into consideration the cries of the people? No revision of the terms and condition of this "cuntract?" Works are continuing?!

    Heyyyyy! This is abomination o... I say to get him OUT! Slavery was supposedly abolished.


      • @jonie its apparent you are all about the colors...for me it is not about red neither yellow, I for one I'm not into the politricks. At the end of the day neither of the colours know when I am hungry. We as a people have the right to have a say and it is being ignored...that is the point! So you need to go send your fishing rod way out into the middle of the ocean.


    • Well maybe he did and concluded your position was just stupid politics, as usual nothing of real substance


      • We as a people have the right to be heard and not dictated, maybe your comment is just in defense of the color. Did you once remove yourself from the yellow jacket and consider how the livelihood of those in those areas will be affected? Particularly those who rely on cattle?


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