Agnes Francis to assume the role of executive chairperson of Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

Agnes Francis to assume the role of executive chairperson of Saint Lucia Tourism Authority
Agnes Francis
Agnes Francis

PRESS RELEASE – Following the resignations of the Director and Deputy Director of the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Minister of Tourism, Dominic Fedee, has announced that the current Chairperson of the Board, Agnes Francis, will assume the role of Executive Chairperson while the organization transitions to the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and recruits new leadership.

Thus far, the Executive Chair is being ably assisted by the remaining staff who have given their fullest support and are able to maintain normal operations.

With the interest of Saint Lucia’s tourism industry as a top priority, this appointment is intended to allow for a smooth transition and continuity in the operations of the SLTB including the committed marketing programs, relationships with stakeholders and the execution of ongoing events such as the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC).

The Government of Saint Lucia recognizes that for progress to occur, difficult choice must be made. However, the underlying intent is to go about the transition in a humane and transparent way, with the greatest respect for and fairness to staff.

Above all, the Government of Saint Lucia stands steadfast in ensuring that the business of the industry will go on during this transition and that this process will strengthen and grow our destination and by extension our country whose future is inextricably tied to the tourism industry.

For more information about the island of Saint Lucia call 1-800 456-3984, or 1-888 4STLUCIA or visit


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  1. This is why this country is going no where in a hurry. We just keep recycling the same old shit over and over and over. This is suppose to be this woman's third stint at that position. Give us a break. What's about our young imaginative brains. St.lucia we will wake up one day and realize that we have been brain drained. Our young people will leave by plane loads for countries that recognize and appreciate their talents and worth. Then we will be forced to import at prohibitive cost.


    • And what do you do with the experienced brains? Why can't the experienced and your bright young brains work in collaboration to achieve?


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