AGM West Indies Cricket Council for the Blind

AGM West Indies Cricket Council for the Blind

The Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association, SLBWA this past weekend hosted the Annual General Meeting of the West Indies Cricket Council for the Blind.

Executive Director of the SLBWA Anthony Avril says one of the fundamental issues which will have a major influence on the involvement of the Windwards Blind Cricket Team in the calendar of matches at the West Indies level of blind cricket is finance.

“The meeting had to deal with the inability to raise the required resources to sustain blind cricket in the Caribbean particularly as the Windward Islands have not even been able to participate in the last regional tournament. As a result windward players could not join their counterparts on the West Indies team. The West Indies Blind Cricket team which represented in the last 20/20 Blind Cricket world cup which took place in India last December.”

Avril says the delegates remain optimistic inspite of the challenges that there is a positive future for blind cricket, itself an international sport, here in the Caribbean.

“So that the delegates have to deal with some teething matters but blind cricket is too critical for the  blind and vision persons in the Caribbean. We cannot afford to allow this opportunity to pass us by. We have to find some ways and means of sustaining the Blind cricket Movement in the Caribbean.”


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