Aggrieved father wants justice for son stabbed in Bocage

Aggrieved father wants justice for son stabbed in Bocage


A disgruntled father is seeking justice for his 21-year-old son who was brutally stabbed last month in Bocage, by another male who has since been released on bail.

Frank Vautroque told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that his son, Frank Vautroque Junior, sustained two stab wounds to his stomach causing one of his lungs to puncture.

The senior Vautroque related that the incident took place on November 14, 2015 at around 12:39 a.m.

The father of three said his son who is still hospitalized and was due to undergo an emergency thoracotomy surgery today, was unable to do so because of his low blood count and low blood pressure.

Vautroque Junior
Vautroque Junior

Vautroque Junior was awaken by a police officer and served a summons on his hospital bed at Victoria Hospital at 6 a.m. today, (Dec.8) to attend court on December 10.

His father said he is upset with the way the police handled the matter, stating that it could have been be done at a later time or at least they should have inquired about his condition before summonsing him to court.

Vautroque Senior told SNO: “The officer told my son that since you are here and you can’t come to court, tell your father, to come to the court to tell the Magistrate that you are hospitalized.”

He continued: “The police have shown no empathy, no sense of reasoning. He has a punctured lung- a life-threatening injury and that is how you are going to treat him?”

The man said he finds it ridiculous, explaining that the alleged perpetrator was released on $7,000 bail, three days after the stabbing incident. He also stated that the key eyewitness and the alleged perpetrator are family.

Senior Vautroque was told by the police that his son was the aggressor in the incident, and the alleged perpetrator claims that he had a knife in his possession.

Relatives have however come to the defense of Vautroque Junior who they claim would never carry a weapon with him, something that is still open for debate.


Asked if he sought any advice from the police, Vautroque told SNO that he made countless calls to the police only to get a “stumbling block.”

But even worse Vautroque said the same man who allegedly stabbed his son, also wounded one of his other son’s in an incident sometime last year.

“The funny thing about it is the police who had the previous case, made a mess out of it and his superiors admitted to my child’s mother that any matter he has he just messes it up. Yet they never found it fitting to discipline him. I have names I could disclose,” he revealed.

Vautroque Junior spent some four days in hospital when he was first admitted. He was subsequently discharged and soon after complained about feeling pain in his stomach.

His father took him to a private medical doctor, when the issue was identified and he was referred to the hospital for surgery. He has been re-admitted to Victoria Hospital for the past 11 days.





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  1. I live in Bocage,and I've seen what these kids and their mom put people through in this neighborhood.These boys always look for fights allegdely steal peoples things and guess what their mom encourages them.It was time they got what they deserve.Make examples out off them.


  2. These kids are always causing trouble,don't even ask about the mom,always encouraging them in so many wrong things.It was time they got what they deserved.Out little neighborhood was great without them.They need to leave bocage.


  3. That heartless and ignorant police idiot need a refreshers course, my goodness the young man was dozing off you had the nerve to wake him up at 6:00 am to serve a summon are you crazy. Dear dad there is something call street justice I would advise you to buy some and release is on the A..hole asap. Hope your son is doing and feeling much better,I am tired of them bail shit so the suckers can run free to kill this time.


  4. People this is a load of empathy really??? Your son and two of his friends were dropped off by a taxi close to their home at 1:00am, your son and his friends went almost 100 yards away from their home and up a hill. They went to confront the accused who was just using his phone for wifi...come on now... so if the officer didn't issue the summons your argument would be that the officer never got back in touch with him after the accused WA granted bail...yall people have no chill man, talk to your son...oh and u should have mentioned that he is re-admitted b3cause his wound got infected since he was not prescribed with any antibiotics by the hospital?? So paps why you on the police case so?? Who is really the victim?


  5. Ok then so what did the police officer do wrong. What did he do to get summoned. If your son is the aggressor I hope you spoke to him on it. Let the courts do its work. The one was stabbed him was bailed that could only mean he was arrested and charged and brought before a court sir


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