After getting new bicycle and new shoes, slain teen was “excited” about showing off at school Monday

After getting new bicycle and new shoes, slain teen was “excited” about showing off at school Monday
Rohan Louison (left) and his mother, Natalie Edward
Rohan Louison (left) and his mother, Natalie Edward

(SNO) — On Friday, August 31, 2018 Rohan Greg Louison’s mother bought him the pair of shoes he had really wanted.

Having already showed off his new shoes to his neighbours over the weekend, the plan was to do the same, with his schoolmates at Vide Boutielle Secondary, when the new school term opens on Monday, Sept. 3. He was preparing to enter form two.

But those plans never materialised.

Louison was fatally shot near his home in Desrameaux, Gros Islet on Saturday afternoon (Sept. 1). His close cousin, 19-year-old Callis Benjamin, was also killed as a result of that shooting.

Natalie Edward told MBC her son had also received another piece of good news prior to his death: that his father had bought him a second bicycle. His relatives broke that news to him just after he returned from church.

The mother said she bought the special shoes for her son the day before he was killed and as a result was “excited” about going to school on Monday.

“I end up buying the shoes on Friday for him, so Saturday morning when he woke up… he went to all the houses, I think in the yard, showing people his shoes. He was so excited so then when he came back Saturday morning he tell me ‘mommy, I can’t wait for Monday ….,” the mother said.

The shoes bought for Rohan Louison

Edward said she is not sure why her son was targeted and shot.

“What I understood, I don’t know how true it is, I understood – because the other one who got killed is my nephew – I understand there was an exchange of words and bullets started firing and my nephew ran. They shot him and then when they came back they tell me my son was there looking at the people and they ask him ‘why are you watching me?’ I don’t know if he answered or something so, and they say one person that was at the front send the gun at the back for a younger one and ask him to shoot him. I don’t know how true it is.”

After hearing the news of the shooting, the shocked mother rushed to the scene.

“When I arrived in the gap, I just saw [a] crowd of people, lots of people there, and I saw my son lying down in a pool of blood, his slipper on, and people trying to administer CPR on him, so when I turn I watch, I touch his pulse, his wrist, I saw he had no pulse so I realised he was dead,” she said.

Louison would have celebrated his 14th birthday on Sept. 19. He was a member of the Gros Islet Athletics Club, which paid tribute to him on Facebook on the day of the shooting.



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  1. How many of us hear or see some altercation but mindful of “mind your own business” and do nothing. When the situation turns deadly, we are mindful not be betray ourselves that we did not, “mind your own business”, so we do nothing. This vicious cycle of violence is maintained by the fear of standing-out so fear begat fear. Habits and culture can change when individuals take a stand and try to bring situations under control.

    I was touched by the mother’s account of how her son’s life and future was brightened by new shoes. This resonated with me and reminded me of my mother’s shame and false pride of missing school because of no shoes! The consequence for her was illiteracy, limited career prospects and inadequacy in her children’s education but still she had a vibrant life. This youth has the material trappings yet he is denied life and future. Communities cannot be at peace when young lives are killed mindlessly.


  2. Long gone are the days when children would be warned to go home when fighting start. Somebody had to see who executed that little boy. If the police wasn’t so slack, they would have been able to make an arrest of these mudurous monsters.


  3. Seriously a child was shot n u r worried abt wrong shoes for school. Some ppl eh. Condoléances To thé family


  4. The law of the land is too lenient on the criminals,again the policemen/women investigating the crimes are all asleep at the end of the day its allover for them. Wake up St.Lucia and smell that freshly brewed coffee.


    • hello people use ur mind whatever happened its obvious they had a problem they shot the big one first n then shot the younger because he was on the scene he would of been a witness police do ur job its someone they had a problem with i would think its the older one the gun that was recovered was own by deceased i hope my advice helps u to find the killer or killers


    • Really.. A young man died tragically and u are speaking about the right and rong shoe for school.. Mercy


    • I remember that same retarded level of thinking in my school days (late 90's). It's such a shame to realize it still occurs. SHE

      How does that affect learning. The things that need to be addressed and enforced aren't. And pettiness alone abounds.


    • Are you for real.A child just died and instead of feeling the family's pain, you are writing such. Who are you? Where were you raised? Are you human?I cannot believe someone would write something like that.


  5. we will find them and justice will be served. For a bunch of thugs to lay pain on an innocent child should not be tolerated.


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