Aerial view of Saint Lucia after Tropical Storm Matthew

Aerial view of Saint Lucia after Tropical Storm Matthew

A bird’s-eye view gives a clear look at the areas that were most affected by Tropical Storm Matthew.

Acting Prime Minister Lenard Montoute was part of the team that took part in this aerial tour of the island.

Several communities were flooded during the passage of the storm on Wednesday.

With the assistance of agencies such as the National Emergency Management Organisation, government has been assessing the damages caused by the tropical storm.

Electricity and water have been restored to most communities across Saint Lucia.

While businesses have re-opened, all schools remain closed until Tuesday, October 4, 2016.


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  1. Everytime I see vf I have to shake my much wasted potential.

    Good to see the storm didnt cause too muchx structural damage. Though I feel it for the banana farmers


  2. Our prayers are with all of the fine people I met last spring as I climbed Gran Pitos. We hope that you recover soon.


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