Advice given to Marigot hotel guests sparks debate

Advice given to Marigot hotel guests sparks debate
Excerpt from hotel magazine.
Excerpt from hotel magazine.

Information appearing in a hotel magazine, warning tourists not to speak with vendors on the Marigot Beach, has sparked a debate and has since received very negative feedback.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that a hotel magazine is encouraging guests, to keep away from vendors on the beach, as they are unlicensed.

It is also stated in the magazine, that the hotel is unable to limit or control how many vendors are on the beach and explained that it is working with government to address the issue.

“If approached whilst walking up the beach or laying down on our free sun loungers we advise that you do not enter any kind of conversation with them and to keep walking if approached whilst passing. Bananas are normally US$1 a bunch and not US$5 – 10 as you may be charged, and coconuts are US$1 and not US$5 -10,” it further states.

Another page reads: “Please do not attempt to eat at any of the vending huts as they have no sanitation, no tap water for cleaning food and no sanitation for washing hands.”

But many beach vendors are upset with the statements and feels that they are being victimized. They have stated that this could discourage sales and cost them a decent income.

Saint Lucians have also taken their arguments to social media, expressing disgust with the statements made in the magazine and said this should not have been encouraged.

On the other hand, persons also agree with the hotel for giving its guests adequate warning, so that they are not overcharged by the vendors and they understand what to expect.

Excerpt from hotel magazine.
Excerpt from hotel magazine.

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  1. I see nothing wrong with this letter. Alot of the so call vendors especially the the fruit guys take their pricing way to high. I once watched a tourist buy 4 mangoes for US$15.00 and was told by another his coconut where not for sale for local people unless we pay his US$5 which I would never do.


  2. I see the need to inform visitors of potential safety concerns in the area however, the wording of this is downright demeaning. We all have a part to play in promoting the tourism product. It seems that there is a problem in the area which needs to be dealt with. This is not the way to deal with it, in fact this might just make the situation worse. If I was a potential visitor reading this, I might be wary of the vendors but I would also be wary of the hotel and the area in general and would most likely go elsewhere. We all have a part to play in making the visitor experience positive for everyone and respect goes a long way. Respect was sorely missing from the person who wrote this.


  3. This is sad. The hotels want everything for themselves. These vendors are not on the beach for free. Every year they must pay a certain amount of money to nca to get their license renew. Yet still Nca is not forceful enough. All these vendors want is just more respect, shelter and a toilet. These are basic things.
    On the other hand some of the vendors need to know how to conduct themselves and dress appropriate for work.
    This is not the only hotel fighting vendors on the beach. It is even worst in the northern part of the island. It is so bad that hotels are now having their own boat doing tours like st james's club. Why are our government allowing that to happen. So how do you expect the vendors to survive? These things will encourage crime. Vendors have family a have bills to pay. Sandals and le sport have their boat doing diving. We should leave stuff like that for our locals to survive. Not a hotel. All inclusive hotels are killing the economy. Long ago everybody use to eat a bread but now is only the hotels. Hope minister of tourism understands the struggle of the vendors.


  4. Sounds like the author of this "warning" would be happy if all the locals were eradicated from the island beaches so the rich white people can recolonise the island. What a bunch of racist propaganda! I hope the parties responsible are fired for their insensitive attitude. The only thing that made sense was to be wary of overpricing. The rest sounds totally derogatory to our local vendors. These are the same peoe who want to block our local beach goers from entering "their" beach front. Somebody needs to stop this deliberate colonisation of our beaches by hotel owners.


  5. The vendors should ask the guests to determine whether the hotel honours all its financial obligations in a timely fashion, pays Government taxes on time and if NIS payments for its employees are up to date. Just saying.


  6. This magazine is produced by a hotel with complete bias against locals with a greedy owner that wants all for himself. I frequent Marigot a lot and use the vendors for drinks and food, I have to say the food is wonderful and tasty, the vendors are very helpful and great to talk too, I am disgusted that this ever went to print!


  7. Very badly put together. This could have been handled a lot more professionally. Disgusting to make a comment as to where the vendors hands have been, I'm stunned.


  8. the same can be said about a bottle or water .... a bottle of 1.5L water is 2.15 at supermarkets but at the hotel its more so y is that ????????? i understand the vendors may ask for a lil more but the hotel come on ????? give jack his jacket


  9. This a reflection of a weak government.
    Remember when little Barbados insulted the Government and People of St. Lucia?

    Everyone recognizes we have absolutely NO PRIDE as a country and Nation. And they blatantly spit it out to our faces.

    I want a Government who is STRONG AND STAND WITH PRIDE to boost up the self-esteem of our people.


  10. Giving guests warning of prices is one thing. Telling them to be careful is an other good thing. Telling them not to speak or buy is not fair to honest people trying to make a living


  11. I live in the uk and am st Lucian and there are some places I will not eat here and I think st lucia is clean more than a lot of places here


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