Adventist youth planning anti-suicide march

Adventist youth planning anti-suicide march


PRESS RELEASE – Greetings to you in name of our wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ! As part of our Global Youth Day activity and in light of the recent number of suicide cases in St Lucia, the Maranatha District Association of Adventist Youth is in the process of planning an anti-suicide march.

The objectives of this initiative are:

  1. To reach out to individuals in our community who are losing hope by bringing them back to the realization that in spite of life’s challenges, with Christ we can be overcomers.
  2. To offer alternative means of managing stress and depression
  3. To encourage families to be strong in the face of adversity.

We are extremely happy to extend an invitation to this “Hope In Crisis” march, slated for 23rd April, 2016. The March will commence at Serenity Park at 3:00pm, and culminate with a grand open air at the La Clery Square. During this march we will be sharing messages of hope with the community.

Because of the nature of the event we are requesting media coverage by your establishment.

We look forward to a positive response. For further information or clarification please contact our President, Mrs. Bernadis Volney at 518-5637 or Ps. Rod Rene at 724-6415.

May God bless you as we look forward to your attendance at the event.


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