Adventist pastor calls for boycott of inter-sports because it will be held on Sabbath

By SNO Staff

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large_track-and-field603Warning that the “hour is near”, a Seventh-day Adventist official has asked high school students to boycott the upcoming inter-school sports meet after the church failed to persuade government to change the date of the meet from Saturday, March, 25, to suit Sabbath-day worshippers.

Pastor Quigley Morris, youth director of Saint Lucia Mission of Seventh-Day Adventists, made the announcement in a letter dated March 17, and addressed to pastors, first elders, communication secretaries and churches.

“After much deliberations with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Secretary of the Mission, Pastor Roger Stephen and I, were not successful to have the date change for this year’s sports meet. It is quite likely that hosting the sporting event on a Saturday may continue if it works out well for the department of Youth and Sports,” Morris wrote.

The pastor added: “We are not surprised by the disrespect for God’s Sabbath and His people who keep the Seventh-day holy. Brethren, things are not going to get better and we must spend much time in teaching and modeling Christ to our children because the hour is near.”

“In light of the development, we are asking parents and children to be aware of what is going on. We would also like our young especially our high school students to stay away from the sports meet.”

One sports officials with the government told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that it is “shocking” and a big surprise that the adventist church would take such a stance when sports meet on Saturdays have been the norm for decades.

He also said he finds it interesting that “a man of God” would prefer to interrupt the children’s education during school week to play sports, while questioning the religious leader’s “priorities” for young people.

The official continued by saying that Saturdays are more convenient for family support and corporate St. Lucia prefer that day.

“We respect God, we love God, but God is a God of commonsense. Where is this coming from all of a sudden?” the official questioned.


First Elders
Communication Secretaries

Dear Brethren

To Be Read To the Churches

Christian greetings in the name of our Lord and soon coming King!

Two weeks ago, it was brought to our attention at the Mission office, that inter-school will be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Given the short notice, we moved quickly to contact the relevant authorities on the matter hoping they would change the date for our children who are Sabbath day worshippers.

After much deliberations with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Secretary of the Mission, Pastor Roger Stephen and I, were not successful to have the date change for this year’s sports meet. It is quite likely that hosting the sporting event on a Saturday may continue if it works out well for the department of Youth and Sports.

We are not surprised by the disrespect for God’s Sabbath and His people who keep the Seventh-day holy. Brethren, things are not going to get better and we must spend much time in teaching and modeling Christ to our children because the hour is near.

In light of the development, we are asking parents and children to be aware of what is going on.

We would also like our young especially our high school students to stay away from the sports meet.

May God richly bless and keep you and may His grace shine upon you as we face our difficult times together.

Pastor Quigley Morris
Youth Director

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  1. I wonder why the SDAs are being called sinners and hypocrites. If the law was abolished, according to most Christians, then the people have committed no sins. There is now no such thing as fornication, adultery, stealing etc. By what standards are you now trying to hold these people? NO Law, NO Sin! Don't take the law down from the cross when it's convenient to do so. The very thing you are fighting against - the Sabbath - is the ridiculous reason why many say the law is abolished; to give them an excuse to dishonour God and feel good about it.


  3. I can respect the churches position,but am hoping that they would take a public stand on (MURDERS, RAPES etc...} and not be selective on issues to make a public out cry.

  4. the letter was addressed to the church , therefore he is admonishing his congregants to do according to church doctrinal/biblical beliefs. The pastor has not made any imposition on the wider society, nay he has acted according to his mandate which is to lead the flock in the way that they should go. Well Done Pastor!! God bless!!

  5. I think it's a good idea to have intersecondary school sports on the weekend. Doesn't matter what day. It gives parents the opportunity to come see Thierry children in action. The world goes on. We can sit here and think of the policies of the church to decide what day the government keeps an activity. So many things been going on in Saint lucia and I haven't heard the adventist church say activity dee thing. So who really cares what they think. Talk about crime murders unemployment poverty. The church can ask it's member to Boycott but not everyone else.

    • But isn't that what he did? The letter was addressed to his congregation which he is responsible for. He stood for what he believes. Why is everyone making it an issue? It's just like being a homeroom teacher. You both commend and discipline your students. You get to keep them in while the whole school is out playing or you get to take them on a trip while others are at school.

  6. These people are among some of the biggest hypocrites in the land. they go to church every saturday, half of them cannot stay without man and they not married (observed it myself). the pastors doing more baccahnal too. stop the hypocrisy. even SNO dont want news on a saturday. if the seven days want to do good; look at the lassie in their eyes first before others. most of them dont keep no church principles. be true to yourself, do unto others as you would like them do unto you and your children, pray; go to church if you can saturday, sunday, monday the day does not matter, its what you do during church and after church. put God first in your life and live by example rather than criticism. in other words, dont be a hypocrite like that pastor. and it should not surprise us anyways; the bible says many are called but few are chosen. enjoy saturday sports. my biggest regret is that sports was not so big during my school days.

  7. Go and create your own country. How the hell does a minority want to control a majority. Let his god pour fire and brimstone down on the athletes. If his god does not do that, his god is in total agreement that the games must go on. Why is the fire and brimstone god hiding behind the clouds in the 21st century. Is it too much science today is showing up too much alternative facts.

  8. I grew up in a church so I have absolutely no problems with anyone for holding strong to their faith. But pastor you are adventist, tho whole of st.Lucia is not. If you do not want attend or watch or if you want too advise your congregation not to attend I can respect that. You are too damn indiscrete to call for a boycott of the event. You are not lord of this country. When Christ's disciples were criticized for eatingnon the sabbath Christ called all the people hypocrites. Hebrews 9:22 says "all things are by law purged with blood and without the shedding of blood there is no remission". I have never seen the sabbath bleed my brother.

  9. concerned citizen

    What is all the fuss about? The Pastor adressed his church members in his capacity as youth pastor
    Are you aware that the Adventist Church is not the only church that worships on a Saturday? There is the Church of God Seventh Day , there is a Baptist denomination which also worships on Saturday, also Yahweh . The Pastor has the right to advise his members.

  10. I stand firmly with Pastor Morris. God asked to keep the Sabbath holy. Simply Obey! There is no other way. Accommodation for parents?? How many parents show up at these events?? It is a money making scheme. Saturday accommodates more outsiders. Since when did God become God of commonsense?? I won't judge you. Let's leave that for God.

  11. We are missing the point, a person is taking a stand to honour God as he [God] has commanded, why should he be criticised for that? If we want to live righteously or to sin the choice is ours, but don't drag a person down for his stance in honouring God and don't mix the other issues that don't have any bearing on this specific issue. Find another forum for raising those issues; stay on point.

    Only persons who have NEVER been a hypocrite, whether in religious or secular matters should post anything comments about the hypocrisy of others. He who is without sin, cast the first stone.

    • My many conversations with seventh day Adventist acquaintances suggest to me that the only thing that concerns them in the bible is the Sabbath. I respect their values but it seems like it's the only most have.

      • You agree that it's wrong to kill, steal, commit adultery, bear false witness, etc. The only thing that most don't agree with is which day God requires us to keep holy. Did you consider that maybe the SDAs are placing emphasis on it because it's the only one the majority of Christians reject? Maybe it is that they're calling your attention to something that God himself hold dear. All of the commandments are equally important yet the Sabbath is the one most rejected by the majority.

        The other question I want to ask is if the law was nailed to the cross why are people criticising Ubaldus? In your eyes it should be considered that he has done no wrong since there is no longer any law, right? Friends, God holds all of us to the same standards whether or not we are SDA. In that final day we will all be judged according to God's standards, his law.

        • My question still remains. Why is this their only focus. It's like for most they commit adultery, fornicate, steal etc like it's not a sin but condemn those who do not worship the Sabbath. Many worship the Sabbath not God. I'm not saying all but many. They make it uncomfortable to discuss God's word. No love is shown.

  12. Pastor you are so right . These children , some of them are so out of hand on a week day .Only God knows about the Saturday .


  13. This is pastor us just being hypocritical . Adventist should practise what they preach.

  14. Seventh days alone that have when is other denominations nothing for them

  15. Why then not have all students who are Adventist go to church and everyone else will attend the sports meet. I personally cannot see the issue with this. The world is evolving and we all need to embrace change. If the SDA church is so affected about this decision then remove all Adventist students from catholic and government secondary schools and place them in the SDA Academy. Then do what you want or is best for your religious practice. Are we seriously debating about a sport meet and the day it's being held.

  16. Don't we see how st.Lucia has become. No longer a safe haven. St.Lucian Christ is soon to come. Stop , listen and taken heed. It is time to repent and draw closer to God. Stop posting negative comments and start going down on our kness.
    Don't let God's wrath fall on us.
    It pains my heart to see how much satan had blinded the eyes of God's people that instead they take heed of God's words , they criticize it. St.lucians , St.Lucians ran to God now while the door of mercy is still opens. Too late shall be your cry. Repent

  17. We all need to respect other people's religion. Adventist are given instruction from the Bible a Holy book, not from just any other book. If the Pastor in question wants to take a stance against their students taking part is sports on Saturday, regardless of sports being played decades ago, he has all right too. He's the leader of the church. Things should be done to accommodate people of every religion. The minister needs to read the Bible for himself. Am sure the minister is aware of the Adventist beliefs. I find the minister's comments is a bit disrespectful to talk about another religion like that. He's out of order to rubbish someone's religious rights. In the Bible, it says, God gave us six days to do our own business, and he ask for one special day for him, which is Saturday. I don't see any reason why, the minister in charge can't understand and do things to accommodate other religion. So what's about doing it on Sunday, that's a family day also. There's nothing wrong in the kids having a day off school to have a fun sports day. Then, there'll be no offence to nobody's religion. Everyone will be happy. There's enough fighting and fuss, let's unite and live well. God Loves us all, but we must obey and respect his Laws. No Adventist Laws. Peace

  18. St Lucian at heart

    We are not referring to the students in our dentist schools but the many who converted the world and sent their students to the school of the world. This is just a message from God to you. Come out of her my people.

  19. Most of you people don't understand what his trying to say you'll can say what you all want but what his saying is true. His concern about the sda youth and yes it was disrespectful of them to put sports on the Sabbath I am a teenager and i understands what's he said

    • Stop leaving in the past

      I hope a adventist dont get to represent st lucia in the olympics cuz there is a very high possiblity he or she might be running on a Saturday.....what u gonna do now boycott the ask them to change the day u run..lets see how that

      • I'm pretty sure someone carrying the SDA name may take part in the Olympics on a Saturday, however, a faithful SDA will never.

        There are are fakes in everything. Don't get it twisted.

  20. I can't imagine why the big storm in this little teacup. Remember, when it was convenient for y'all people to say "it was disrespect to have nomination day on a Saturday"? May I ask, disrespect of what or whom? Remember, just a few weeks ago cabinet presented and passed a law to " prevent" nomination day to fall on a Saturday? May I ask, who or what are they attempting to protect? All or most of you had no problems with these!

    Today, the Church is asking for the same respect and you people are up in arms? Asking for consideration is a problem for y'all.

  21. A proud Seventh-day Adventist. We have to be careful of the things we say and post on line. God is no respected of person. When He says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy, He didn't referred to SDA only. The command is for everyone to obey. It is high time we put God first and stop saying our own when the Man of God speaks. See how st.Lucia has become, it is because we put God in the back seat and do our own. Too late shall be our cry.
    All those who post negative comments , angels are taking records.
    God's word will stand forever.
    Remember the days of Noah!!!!!.
    St.Lucian take heed of God's words . There is a Judgment we all have to face and every idle words will be brought up before us.

  22. as if Darren Sammy was an adventis correct me if am wrong but i dont see any sabbath hindering his performance and also dedication to God

    • Please don't compare backsliders to faithful Sabbath keepers!

      • and who are you to judge who has back slidden and most importantly who is a faithful sabbath keeper? that all yall concerned about sabbath there are much more important things like being faithful to god and not to no sabbath it seems like the sabbath is yall god. jesus christ himself the son of who that mentioned the sabbath did so many things even miracles on the sabbath to prove to yall it is just as irrelevant i dont see yall condemning jesus. whilst you there condemning sammy god is blessing him everyday so dont be a sour puss.

        • There's a difference between stating facts and judging people. If I was judgemental I wouldn't hesitate to point out your ignorance. On another, get clear about your Jesus story. It ain't that simple. N

      • I smell judgment...... I hope you don't sin after sunset

        • Pot calling kettle black! Clearly Sammy no longer practice the beliefs of the church! If you were to ask him he would tell you. There was also an episode of the Dolor Factor where he spoke about such. It is clear! So how is it judgement? I stated facts. However, you are not sure of my beliefs but you have already labeled me SDA? Is it because I made such a clear, obvious & precise statement? Is it because I seem to be putting for the 'sem days' SMH! I hope you don't sin at all. 😉

  23. Very Concerned sheep

    While, I am myself shocked at the decision of the Ministry of Education to date this popular school activity on a Saturday, I never in my wildest dreams saw this as a matter that would warrant a post by one of the pastors from the SDA fraternity. I have been admonished many a Saturday by the writer of this post and his other esteemed Greek educated pastoral colleagues that the time will come when strange things shall occur, strange policies shall be implemented and that we as SDA Christians must take heed lest we fall. Am I to think that my esteemed pastor does not see the changing date of Intersec as one such strange occurrence that we should take heed to? Is it that we are busy looking at strange occurrences to mean other phenomena? Why make this an issue when there are other more pressing social ills plaguing the moral fabric of our community and finding its way into the very SDA pews that the esteemed shepherd and his colleagues should be manning?
    I believe that it is now time that SDA parents take the time to educate their children on the reality of their religious stance and educate them of the applicability of the three Hebrew boys story that we chant AMEN to on Saturdays. If the activity is on a Saturday and you are convinced that Saturday is the God ordained day of worship then do not bow down not wish to bow down not be vex that it is on a Saturday. Simply excuse yourself from the games. Let all SDA operating shepherds also refocus and get to the matter at hand...teaching your flock to love one another, to love God, to focus on the things of God and to look forward to the blessed hope of the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Even so come Lord Jesus!

    • Very concerned sheep I understand exactly what you are saying. Even though this may be a sign of the times it does not mean that SDAs must sit down and be passive about it. That's precisely the reason why I left the SDA church because for too long you'll have been just accepting your fate. What's the point of being aware of an injustice and not protesting it? I like what this pastor is doing. Remember faith without work is dead! I stand in solidarity with all Sabbath keepers who cannot participate or support this event due to their convictions be it students, teachers or parents.

    • But Mr Sheep

      I read your discourse and this is exactly what the pastors did. They have called on the parents and youth to stand and not go. Not so? In the letter I don't see vexation. Where is it? It is saying that the ministry will not change the date so don't go. The pastor did not write this news report. And I find it interesting that his letter to the churches was posted.

      But after all is said and done, I do not see that the pastors have done anything wrong.

    • I could not have said it better dear! Words from my mouth!

  24. I'm an SDA. I so desperately awaited my church's open position on the Dr Ubaldus Raymond issue. It never came. I totally agree with Pastor Morris's position on the school sports on a saturday issue, but where was he and members of the church clergy when the Dr. so openly shamed the church, his family and the society as a whole. God is not a God of convenience.

    • first of all ubaldus is a humanbeing. that could have had happend to any one somtimes it could have happend to ur pastor. stop thinking because yall asociated with religions that nothing will happen to yall. yes he could and should have known better but that doesnt mean he is perfect. so know what yall have to do is act like the christians yall are and do gods word and forgive him, not bring him down to more shame or ridicule he is a man for goodness sake.

    • Now this is ridiculous! I am assuming you have gone to the Mission office and have spoken with the administration regarding its stance on Ubaldus. If you have not done so, you may have to do so now.

    • concerned citizen

      The Ubaldus affair is a matter to be dealt with by his pastor, himself and the church which he attends. There are disciplinary measures which the church can take but this does not necessarily have to be publicised. Remember the Biblical instruction : if any one be overtaken in a fault you who are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness considering yourself least you also be tempted

    • Pr Morris and the other members of the clergy were probably in their skins, where they should be. I do not know that they owe it to you, or the society to crucify or make public statements to add to the fray. Ubaldus does not hold any position in the church that he attends. I myself have heard sermons at that church that call out sin in all forms. Ubaldus knows where his fits and he will be guided accordingly.

      And this 'desperate waiting'. What is this about? Are you as desperately waiting for the second coming? Are you as desperately confessing your sin for them to be blotted out? You sound like one of those spectators in John 8 who were 'desperately waiting' to see what Jesus would do with Ubaldus 'caught in adultery' (and with soda and popcorn in tow). But look - there's Jesus writing something in the sand...

      We must look desperately at ourselves. Ubaldus was wrong but there is also something wrong with seeing people crucified in order for us to feel satisfied.

  25. Meanwhile the pastor is RICH. Have several seats PASTOR!!!!

  26. Here is a solution. Put the Sports Meet on a Sunday. Hummm!!

  27. Pastor what is your stance on the level of crime on the island? unemployment? Juvenile delinquency? DHS? the dolphin facility? rape? It seems to me that there are more serious pressing matters affecting the island that you should be front and center advocating.

    • Are you implying that matters of conscience are not important?

    • This is faulty reasoning my friend. I'm very sure that since your religion is not being attacked you do not see it as a big issue but it is an issue for the SDA community. Simply because the man of God spoke about inter-sec it doesn't mean that he is not concerned about the other issues affecting St. Lucia. I find your comment antagonistic and out of place. Please follow to the context before writing such comments.

      • have several seats boo. I am yet to hear your church take a stance on any social ill affecting this country. What was the stance on the Raymond drama. Express your opinion and expect feedback. I will say what I want, this is a none issue. Talk to me about increasing jobs.

    • You really strange

      Really? You don't know what the church's position on rape and crime etc is? There have been so many Women's ministries' outreach programs, 'End it now' marches, suicide marches, hotlines set up by Dr.Bray? There have been crusades and sermons. - calling people out of sin and into better peaceful lifestyles - And in all this time NOONE knows what the church's position is? Pastors have been trained in workshops to be VCT/HIV counselors too. Do you research before posting bandwagon refuse.

      Pastor Quidley Morris is right! He sent the letter to the churches as the Youth director. There was no public outcry. He addressed the youth that he is responsible for! Case closed!

      Now as for the DSH deal - Since when is it any pastor or church's role to comment on political deals made by politicians that YALL voted for? The people voted for ching ching ching and now they got it. A church has a role to play in the society - to help it- but not a politicking role.

      Deal with what yall voted for!

  28. According to the letter if this has been the norm for years where was pastor Morris and why now asking for a change. Pastor Morris when do you want it to be held on a Sunday or shut down all schools to keep it on a school.
    The last I checked the only adventist secondary school on the island the SDA Academy which us primarily empty because the adventist parents refuse to send their kids there instead they enroll them at the St. Joseph Convent and go about complaining about the religious teachings.

    I will send Mr. Morris a list of concerns that he needs to attend to within the church settings that are far more important than sports event.

    • Are you implying that sports events are not important? After 25 years being in the teaching service this is the first time inter-sec is held on a Saturday. Usually the majority of teachers in all participating schools are out there suoervising the students. Who will supervise them on Saturday?

  29. his disciples picked corn on the sabbath.......we should protest about fornication, adultry.....these are tolerated by many of our churches...

    • they picked corn because they were hungry... the scripture also says if you have an animal and it fell in a pit ..would you leave it to die because its the Sabbath? .... among others
      .. the pharisees of old was so much in their tradition that they were looking to find fault in Christ and watched his every move especially on the Sabbath day...
      fornication etc yes we should be protesting however, that is not what the article is about.

      i think that if you believe in something one should " stand up" even though you stand alone. same way before elections or whatever the case was Guy Joseph took a stand for his beliefs because he would not attend whatever it was on the Saturday. i see it as the same way the pastor(s) and the church as well as Sabbath believers are taking a stand against having their members etc to attend and partake in the inter-sec sports on the Saturday. we should respect persons religion and beliefs.. not because it may not suit our standards for us to to be insensitive or what have you..

  30. Okay since one of the reasons is parent support. I hope the ministry can indicate how many parents came last year compared to this year. Am not an Adventist but school sports should be held during school hours. We can disturb 2 things academic teachings or religious/godly teachings. But the educators in this country prefer sacrifice religious/ godly teachings. Then they the teachers wonder why the kids are the way they are now. In my time we had RK in schools i.e religious education now it seems we have replaced it with sexual education with all that social media videos going around. Anyways I wish dem teachers all the best. Don't cry when those students beat all u in schools

  31. I'm in full support of the position the SDA church has taken. School sports are held during school hours in other countries all the time. Has any child suffered as a result of having sport meet during school hours? Do some research to find out how many are engaged in using their electronic devices when they should be attentive in class and you may be surprised. The Pastor is calling on those who honour God and his Sabbath to stay away from the event, everyone else is free to participate. We shouldn't rationalise God's commands, me must simply obey. The students should have faith enough that God would help them make up for a few hours of academic work missed during school hours. Isn't Physical Education (PE) a part of the school's curriculum? Exercise is essential to one's well being as is rest, healthy eating, etc.

    God has commonsense? Go tell him that when you are called to give account!

    • School Sports in St Lucia have been held on a school day for over 2 decades at least from the time I've been working in the school system which is 23 years. Sports is also an integral part of the school curriculum so why this sudden change to a weekend? Is this country slowly becoming a dictatorship? I am not an SDA or Church of God but I stand in solidarity with my colleagues and students who cannot support or participate due to matters of faith and conscience.



    • you not ashame to say that bruh ............

    • Darling, aren't we all hypocrites? I'm pretty sure your life is not black and white and that it is filled with grey and colored areas. Since you have branded yourself as the 'kiss and tell' type how about you kiss and tell on your hypocrisy? Maybe you are a thief, maybe you lie, maybe you drink and gamble.. Just maybe!!! So how does one's personal life affect us the way sports do collectively? Have several seats my dear.

    • I'm so happy you posted this! I'm happy that you have given a concrete example into a reason why SDA and all other girls should never succumb or compromise their moral values. They are warned and now this post will help us to understand. Girls they tempt us to compromise and then make derisive statements behind our backs.

      And not SDA girls only. This is just one example of the gutter breed, predator, malpalun mentality of men IN GENERAL. WOW!
      Watch Out Women!!

    • being Adventist doesn't make one perfect... i am not agreeing to what transpired between the two of you but often times Christians on a whole ( most of them) and non Christians as well tend to think they are most holy than others... and for the record they cant be called "seven days" can they really be "days" ? and also Christian dome no matter religion all comprise of hypocrites . and you knowing her beliefs etc rather than make the decision to not sleep with her u chose to use her and tear her down at her weakest or where she was most vulnerable then call her hypocrite... she sleeping with you on the Saturday doesn't make her sin greater than yours... you did sleep with her ...

  33. oh so yall are sabbath day worshipers and not worshipers of jesus christ hmm interesting. i respect all religions and their practices but pastor you have to understand the world does not revolve around you or seven day adventist no wonder yall have yall own school cause it seems yall want to be in control of everything. you find that it is disrespectful to yall for having it on a saturday cause it dont suit you but i am sure you wont find it disrespectful for those who worship on a sunday if they had it on a sunday cause yall would gladly come. here is another reason why people always advocate for separation between church and state. so pastor which one you rather? have it on a school day so it can disrupt the childrens education or have it on a sunday to disrupt the sabbath of those who worship on a sunday

    • WoW! So ironic! To say that having it on a school day would interrupt the children's education is to say sports should not be part of our school curriculum. How can it interrupt when it is part of the education system. Its supposed to be taught, learnt and practiced at school and during school hours. Hmmmm.

      • no its not cause if there is classes on that day which i mean by normal classes most likely those participating have to leave class to go and do the sport activity but if there is no class then it wouldnt be a hindrance.

    • Ironic the sabbath of those who worship on Sunday is not a sabbath your research.

  34. Why didn't you call for elder Ubaldus to resign when his had his backside and 2 inch sausage plastered all over social media? Hypocrite much! We have these type of people all over sleeping with people's husband, cheating on their wife with young girl, getting trapped in trees coming from a jabal home when tropical storm is approaching, asking women to wear crotchless thongs. We have another on Facebook preaching everyday but giving people mizzy maypwee but when they finish they want to open their mouth about Sabbath? The biggest crook in government is an Adventist and y'all accepting the 10% of his loot every Saturday.

    • Ubaldus is SDA? He should do the respectable thing and resign. He should no longer hold a position of elder-ship in the church until he repents.

    • By the way, Ubaldus is not an elder in the church. Where did your hear or get this information?

  35. Oh boy.oh boy oh boy....Things will never get better in this country....When last has a sports meet been scheduled in St. Lucia on a Saturday? Someone please enlighten me....If the government decides not to schedule it on another date then fine...But is there any common sense in a statement such as God is a God of common sense? It is so wonderful that God does not have our mentality....When crime happening everyday of the week then the government coming n want all religious leaders to come pray eh....Wow....The leaders can only do as they see fit....We all do wrong and need to constantly ask God for forgiveness....I see nothing wrong in boycotting this event...We need to teach our children not only the moral and social values but the spiritual is above all else....This country this world will never be a better place if adults cannot agree to disagree on certain things for the better of our children...

  36. Convenience? Commonsense? It look like people have more common sense than God now because clearly its discrimination against not only the sda community but , the rastafarian, church of God and many others who follow the true meaning of what the sabbath is, so the Government should really be wise and follow the ways of God and be the Pharoah of the day.

  37. Choops. The sports meet will be better without you condescending twats anyway.

  38. Now that you have spoken about the Inter Sec Sports Meet, let us hear what you have to say about Ubaldas' hairy butt and his little sardine that was plastered all over social media.

  39. Sometimes I wonder

    So for one day the children cannot attend interested school sports come on its not like it's a session they going to they can't be excuse for one sabbath they doing for their school think about it Pastor it's for the kids u doing it

  40. If it was a Sunday it would be ok smh

  41. He also said he finds it interesting that “a man of God” would prefer to interrupt the children’s education during school week to play sports"

    A sports official saying that playing sports interrupt children's education...... Smh

  42. These hypocrites

  43. My Son is not going, Saturday is my time with God.
    Im not surprise, Nomination day was a Saturday. SDA children should be attending SDA schools.
    God is a God of common sense? So the pastors have have no common sense? Just asking.
    People in authority must have respect for other people's religon.

  44. This is total disrespect. Government should respect everyone''s choice on which day to worship. The Adventist church has being around for over one hundred years in St. Lucia. So it is well known that there is a religious group worshipping on every 7th day from sunset friday to sunset next day. We have some delinquent children who take their own way and decides to do practice on a sabbath..however we have some excellent athletes who observes the sabbath without question like it should be. It's nothing malacious the adventist church is trying to do by encouraging the youth to stay away. As far as I'm concerned most parents don't support their kids on a week day during any activities so I don't think putting it on a Saturday will help because if the don't want to come..they won't. Let's put fault where fault is. Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone.

  45. Competition is Dangerous!

    Policy of GC of SDA:"The Church is opposed to interschool league play in its educational system, EG. White condemn competitive sports! When churches fail to remember the basic principles upon which they are set up and seek after things of the world hypocrisy prevails! Clearly the games are on Saturday it's not for u! "Be in the world and not of the world"! The spirit of compromise in many of da denominational churches has brought about a watered down instruction. As if to attract more pple it has watered down the msg.

    • u hit the nail on the head because even 2 timothy 2 vs 4 say No man that warreth entangleth himself in the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

  46. Pastor Morris, let's hope you do not need emergency surgery on a Saturday or even an ambulance. You are not to use your phone on Saturday or even go to the grocery shop and please don't use public transport to get to church etc. That's violation of other people's sabbath. Worst yet on Sunday.

    • the Sabbath should not looked at as a burden.. many people take that day to be a burden... .. again if you own a pet and it falls into a pit because its the Sabbath you shall leave it to die? if an emergency, child is sick . member of family is sick and needs a doctor so because it's the Sabbath just seat back and watch the child or family member or whoever die? .....

      " violation of other people's sabbath"." worst yet on a sunday" --- do your research and you shall see it was man who changed the day .....

  47. "He also said he finds it interesting that “a man of God” would prefer to interrupt the children’s education during school week to play sports.... "

    Really? Do you know how much time teachers waste during the week instead of teaching and that has not prompted a comment from anyone? The number of days they take for training during term time that could be done before school reopens, the number of days the children are sent home for any excuse.

    Sorry , I know that's not what the report was about but this sounded so hypocritical.

  48. 'He also said he finds it interesting that “a man of God” would prefer to interrupt the children’s education during school week to play sports, while questioning the religious leader’s “priorities” for young people'

    What is this? If a sports official said this, he or she should not be a sports official at all. Physical education/Inter sec is not an interruption of children's education. It is a part of it and a culmination of theory and practice.

    I am also amused at the sarcastic tone and tenor in the 'man of God' sentence and the questioning of the pastor's priorities for the youth. Really?

    Even when inter sec is held during the week, supervision is challenging. Students drink, and bring their hooligan friends to cause chaos. I have heard some planning to hire buses to go spectate and who knows what else. These are those who will be mostly unsupervised to do whatever they please that Saturday without the deterrent of uniform or teacher supervision.

    And this official would have the audacity to insinuate upon the pastor's priority for the youth and make reference to common sense in the same sentence as if he or she had?

    SNO please interview intelligent people for your news pieces. Wow!

  49. The Silent Majority

    I have been a high school teacher for decades and I have never been aware of this decision to put Inter-Secondary School Sports on a Saturday. This has never happened in my 22 years in the teaching service. I get the impression that whoever made that decision does not believe sports to be a part of school life. I would like to clarify this misconception.

    Sports is an integral part of our schools' curriculum so why is it not held on a school day? Are we sending a negative message to our young people that Sports is not important enough to be held on a school day and should not be held in as high regard as classroom instruction?

    I am not an SDA however I am standing in solidarity with my SDA students and colleagues. They have been forced to not participate in such a meaningful educational event by virtue of their beliefs. They have been purposely isolated and even ostracized due to their religion. School activities should be held on a school day and it is not fair for the members of the SDA church to have to choose between a school activity and their faith. It is just not fair.

    I call on all teachers and students to stand by our fellow SDA students and colleagues and boycott this activity on their Sabbath.

    • The church must hold it's ground on what it believes. It's held of ur sabbath it means it's not for you.
      Stop playing the Sabbath game when it suits, there are other commandments of GOD that are blatantly ignored even supported ur ministers.

      • Why all this attack on The SDA Church? This is our stance: Obedience to God.Remember the Sabbath Day to keep bit holy. God our father says so. So our children will not go to sports on Saturday. Respect our decision
        Making reference to what an elder did is foolish. We are all sinners. Hypocrittes are in every church. Those who worship on Sunday Sabbath and on Monday.

  50. 'One sports officials with the government told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that it is “shocking” and a big surprise that the adventist church would take such a stance when sports meet on Saturdays have been the norm for decades'

    Can someone please tell me in which decade has inter sec sports been held on Saturday?

    Sounds like this sports official is talking pure rubbish. No doubt, he will site some international sporting event and copy and paste it into the recent and novel decision taken this year.

    Although I do not have a keen interest in sports, interest is not the issue. By taking such a decision, the government immediately and subtly bars Seventh Day Adventists, Church of God SDAs etc from participation at this event. This is blatantly discriminatory and unfair to a student who may have practiced very hard to participate and must now suddenly choose between faith, conviction and a wholesome school activity. This should not be.

    If it is a school activity, it should be held within the times and parameters of school i.e. during the week.

    The so-called 'shock' and 'surprise' of this official is nauseating as he or she knows full well that this is not the norm here! The pastors were within their rights to inquire into this and ask for a change to this different procedure.

    What to me is shocking and surprising is the blatant overriding or the voices and rights of the citizens of St. Lucia- whether it is deals for DSH land or decisions which affect minority Christians.

    At first they came for the SDAs - then they'll come for you!

    We must pay attention!

  51. I would like to commend the Ministry of Youth and Sports for pishing the sports meet to the weekend, making it not just a school event but a National Event. Now I don't have to ask my boss for a day off to see my young cousins perform. Amidst all the DSH/Dolphin fraca it is refreshing to see Saint Lucians continuing to push forward to improve the quality of athletics on the island. These kids and their coaches put in so much work, medalling at 2020 Olympics seems like a possibility.


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