“Adopt-a-Reef” program implemented by Department of Fisheries and The Saint Lucia National Trust

“Adopt-a-Reef” program implemented by Department of Fisheries and The Saint Lucia National Trust
Anse Chastanet reef. *Photo credit: www.sealevelscuba.com

PRESS RELEASE – The public is informed of a Reef Resilience “Adopt a Reef” programme implemented by the Department of Fisheries and The Saint Lucia National Trust.

The aim of this program is to improve reef resilience through public-private partnerships.  The program seeks to engage dive establishments, hoteliers and other interested agencies to select and adopt a coral reef and be trained to undertake regular and consistent reef monitoring.  The Training component affords each participant to be Reef Check EcoDiver certified.

Seven (7) Dive Establishments have pledged their commitment to support the conservation of reefs around the island which include:

 Hotel Name Reef Name 
1 The Body Holiday LeSport Saline Point Reef
2 Eastern Caribbean Diving Barrel-O-Beef Reef
3 Dive St. Lucia Anse Cochon South Reef
4 Scuba St. Lucia Anse Chastanet Reef
5 Action Adventure Divers Fairyland Reef
6 Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort Piton Wall Reef
7 St. Jame’s Club, Morgan Bay Cutty Cove

For additional information on The Reef Resilience Project contact the Department of Fisheries at telephone numbers, 468 4135 or 468 4141.


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  1. What if people got coral that was washed up or had for over 20 yrs in their possession....make your points more clear please cause in these circumstances I don't see they damaging coral growth....What are you suppose to do...throw back into sea? plant it back in sea lol I've never heard people in St Lucia diving to get coral to take to their restaurants or homes.....fisheries looking to make money some way or the other....like when they seize lobsters,do they throw it away....does the staffs eat it or take it home, or do they resell hmmm ....ridiculous!


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