UPDATED: New fare schedule for Route 4B

UPDATED: New fare schedule for Route 4B

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Department of Economic Development, Transport and Civil Aviation would like to inform the general public of the fare adjustments to take effect on Route 4B from December 4, 2017, pursuant to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Public Omni-bus Fares) (Amendment) Regulations, 2017.

The Department reminds public Omni-bus owners and drivers that, a driver of an Omni-bus shall not charge or demand more than the fares chargeable.

The Department reminds also that the fares, in relation to the route which the public Omni-bus has been authorised to ply, should be clearly displayed inside the Omni-bus.

The Department of Transport therefore, seeks the cooperation of both the general public owners and drivers.


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  1. if this is for route 4b then take a pic of the route 4B bustand why is there a pic of route 3a if you doing something do it right nah


  2. 5 to stay alive ....it makes more sense to ply those routes by night . Imagine, you coming off work coconut bay at 7:30 pm every night. That's already $22.50 a week from the small pay check.


  3. Did it go up or did it go down. I'm guessing it went up because they would have made big fan fare if it went down. I hope I'm wrong.


  4. Bus drivers are the happiest. While regular employees work their behinds off non stop 8 hours a day, they sit by the bus stand gambling or harassing women. Or sleeping. A bus driver doing 2 actual hours of work daily has to be compensated like someone who works 8 hours a day.

    It is cheaper to operate a vehicle at night. Less start/stop traffic, no need for AC. Why are fares higher at night when the cost to operate is less? Oh! We have to pay them the overtime rate for work they didn't do during the day.


  5. Who wrote this press release? So you people assume everyone knows which route is Route 4B? Well guess what, I don't know which route of which you speak. Please let the public know which route is that.


    • Well idiot, you should have just scrolled down a little to see the table below. Smh. You don't want to read but you want to write.


        • @ Lookb4uleap and @clits yall to fast, as you can read the title of the story says UPDATED so it is more than likely that they updated the story right now so that they can show what route they were speaking of.

          there are alot of times the stories are updated after people write their comments so by the time you and i read it you would think the person wrote the comment after the the story was updated. this has happend many times so you cant just jump on the person back. the person who wrote the story maybe did a error and never said which route is 4b


  6. What is the adjustment? Doesn't the public have a right to know by how much the fares have gone up?


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