Adequate insurance coverage ensures business continuity following disaster – Minister Hippolyte

Adequate insurance coverage ensures business continuity following disaster – Minister Hippolyte
Ministers Emma Hippolyte (right) and Victor La Corbiniere (centre) at the scene of the Soufriere Friday.

GIS – An early Friday morning fire in the picturesque tourist town of Soufriere on Saint Lucia’s west coast has focused attention on the necessity for adequate insurance in times of peril.

Minister for Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, Hon. Emma Hippolyte, said the incident speaks volumes about the vulnerability of small businesses in developing countries.

unnamed“It’s an issue that we need to discuss openly and to see how best we can cause small businesses to understand and know what risks they are getting into, and how we as a people can mitigate some of these risks. It is very important.”

The fire, which destroyed several homes and businesses, brought back memories of the Soufriere fire of 1955 which destroyed nearly three fifths of the town, rendering some 2400 people homeless.

The cause of Friday’s fire has not yet been determined, but valiant efforts on the part of fire-fighters from Soufriere and Vieux Fort helped confine the conflagration to the corner of Bridge, Church and Sir Arthur Lewis Streets.

As a former permanent resident of Soufriere, Minister Hippolyte reminisced on how the town was during her residency and the current changes which helped contain the fire.

“The tall building there, that’s where my father’s shop was, that’s where I sold all my life. I could remember when that building was erected, most of us were upset that it was not within the same architecture of the town. But today, most persons we spoke with say, that’s the building that saved the town.”

The Commerce Minister reiterated the need for adequate insurance coverage to ensure business continuity following a disaster and thanked the Saint Lucia Fire Service and the people of Soufriere for their part in containing and extinguishing the fire.


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  1. Poor Saint Lucia. With so many fakes like hens that have just laid an egg and cackling about on the paling fence, our limited politicians are busy telling us about the obvious. Hooray! They have laid an egg!
    How they fall flat on their faces when they fail to appreciate or understand second order conditions. Somethings may be obviously necessary. But damn, we perish when we are so darn limited that we cannot see that these things of themselves are insufficient.
    I am sure that if the LPM were to make a statement on this, that is essentially what they would have said in effect. They are the ones today making the most sense in a very African based, tribal society. We have learned nothing from our slave past. How I love those guys in the LPM!


  2. I was born there, Baptized and received the first Communion
    in that Historic Church, before my parents moved on.
    I loved visiting the Sulphur spring and swimming at the Beaches.
    Soufriere to me was once a wonderful place to visit, once a
    place people greeted people with a smile and a hug with love.
    Now what happened? what happened? someone told me it
    didn't happen overnight. in the last few years, things have
    got harder and harder, sky high taxes, unemployment and
    young men do naturally what come's easy, and get arrested.
    Don't tell me it's a global phenomenal and expect me to accept
    it, while on the other hand, St.Lucia is up for sale to the highest
    bidder. The best beach have been sold, Fire engine obsolete
    Ambulance busted up, Should I continue? It's so sad man, so
    so sad; smiling faces, not as before. That fire, it's a bad omen
    and a warning to all. Don't think that's funny at all. God is watching.


  3. Yep! Is now we need insurance? Even after the architect of CSME left thousands of people exposed without a regional body to protect purchasers of insurance from companies we don't know, he learned nothing from it? Saint Lucians all close their minds and books after they leave school. Their development like the country becomes arrested. He left that insurance company destroy the collateral of small savers in the entire region. Everywhere that CLICO went destruction was sure to follow. The destruction of capital and lost of saving was heartbreaking by Trinidad's now infamous CLICO.
    Are not these SLP jokers, one clown after another, always involved in some kind of public political entertainment circus? They missed their calling? Indeed. They all sound increasingly more like stand-up comics. What about building standards? No technical expertise in the party or just past-masters in shooting shate? So now that the horse has bolted the stables, we now need the personal financial protection of reliable insurance?


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