Addressing the incorrect spelling of names at Saint Lucia Registry of Civil Status (letter)

Addressing the incorrect spelling of names at Saint Lucia Registry of Civil Status (letter)

Dear Editor: There is a need to revisit the issuance of birth certificates and the correct spelling of names at the Registry.

One will recall that in 2016 the Registry  of Civil Status was confronted with myriad problems about birth certificates. The main bone of contention then was the correct spelling of names.

Is it possible that the authorities could face a similar scenario? What should one do if he/she discovers that the spelling of a name on one’s passport is different in the case of a new one and a visa passport?

The reference here is the incorrect spelling of the person’s name. Surely this could become a complicated matter for one ‘s reapplication for a visa. This is not a far-fetched scenario and therefore the authorities here should consider it and invite persons facing such a dilemma to come in and have it rectified.

It could be a reality.

– Hervan Henry


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  1. I had to pay a lawyer to correct my name after having my certificates over 20 years will one L and suddenly or mysteriously when I had to get the new birth certificate it had two LLs what a nightmare and the worse part of it all you're the one who has to pay for this nonsense. Why don't these folks come up with a better system to deal with this matter its been many years that they are aware of this and refused to do something about this matter.
    Where are all the folks with the brains and bight ideas in this island


  2. This is a good idea, i have a problem with them not including my father's name on there when the original birth certificate had it. When i went to get it fixed they have an attitude.


  3. They're been doing this for years...Nothing new....Its not only Marriage license.They do the same thing with birth certificates...And to make it worst...They at the Registry never think rhat they are obligated to change they mistakes....So you mow are left,with this crappy,piece of paper.


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