Vieux Fort media operator warns thieves they have 7 days to return his stolen items

Vieux Fort media operator warns thieves they have 7 days to return his stolen items

(SNO) – A series of break and entering crimes have been occurring in the south of the island and one of the latest victims is a journalist and media operator.

Vitus Peters of Great Vision Designs TV told St. Lucia News Online on Monday that around 3:00 this morning, two young males were caught on camera breaking into his blue and grey Pajero on Clarke Street, Vieux Fort.

The culprits stole a bag containing what Peters describe as “important documents” along with equipment and electrical cables.

He said they used a knife to forcefully enter the back door of the vehicle.

Peters pointed out that the video recording of the crime is very clear. As a result, he is giving the thieves seven days  and a”fair chance” in which to return all the items, including the “5 cents that they stole from the front pocket”.

If they fail to do so, Peters say the video footage will be made public showing the faces of culprit clearly, bringing much embarrassment to them. He said he also intends to pass the video recording to the police.

Peters also disclosed that he received reports that on Sunday, around 1 a.m., in Vieux Fort, a woman’s vehicle was broken into and he believes the crimes may be related.

The television operator is warning the culprits that they have seven days to return his items before “calamity strikes”.


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  1. Man have them thieves arrested if you have the evidence. Those scarce tactics dont work now. Show their faces.Do not encourage more thieving with your delay. Do it fast my brother.


  2. lol yal thieves not hearing eh yall didnt hear what they did to the guy that stole the bottle of rum in a car and sold it for $20.00 eh. alright


  3. Wow Vitus, maybe we should take our story to the media... Three years is quickly approaching. It is surely more than 5 cents


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