Fireman responded to accident scene in Monier and witnessed his mother passed away

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Fireman Jeremiah Sidoine was in a meeting at work on Wednesday, July 25, when a report came in at the station between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. of a motor vehicle accident in Monier, Gros Islet.

He was told that the victim could be his mother.

Jeremiah told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview on Thursday that he accompanied his colleagues on the ambulance to the scene. And then he got the sad news from his wife, who was also work, that the victim is his mother, Sandra Sidoine, 65.

According to Jeremiah, moments before a two-door pickup van ran off the road into his mother’s yard, she was sweeping outside the gate, by the road. He said she got hit by the vehicle just after she closed the gate and was about to walk up the steps to her house. At the time the vehicle struck, he said his mother was having a conversation with a neighbour who saw everything “in real time” from the balcony.

Sandra Sidoine

The van struck his mother in the back. She also sustained serious head injuries.

Jeremiah said he was in the ambulance with his mother, assisting in whatever way he and the crew could, to keep her alive. He said his mother was conscious and he tried to talk to her, and comfort her.

He said his mother, who complained of body pains, particularly in the back, passed away shortly after arriving at hospital. He said he noticed when her pupils got dilated — everything, until the last moment.

Asking how he is coping with the tragedy, Jeremiah, who is the third of four children but only son for his mother, said he is being strong, even stronger than his father who was in town doing some transactions when the accident occurred. He said his father is taking it very hard, as well as other members of the family.

He also noted that his one-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter were at their grandmother’s house when the accident occurred. They too witnessed the aftermath of the tragedy.

Jeremiah said the pickup was driving up a hill when it lost control, ran off the road, and smashed into his mother’s yard.

Reports are that the driver’s tire blew but Jeremiah said the police investigators are preparing to carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle to determine if it indeed developed mechanical problems prior to the accident.

Based on the results of this investigation, the lawmen will determine if charges will be filed against the driver or not.

Jeremiah said based on reports the driver of the pickup along with his only passenger, sustained no injuries.

The driver has been released from custody pending further investigations.

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  1. Mr or Ms Public every pig has it's Saturday. If there was no such thing as accident, then the word would not exist. What an ignorant statement to make. When your day come you will remember that statement you made in another person pain, grief, sorrow, and remorse and you will be billowing. Leer bab- ca- ma- wad ou pois dife pran dlo ak mouye saou.

  2. I really feel for that person. OMG! What a thing to happen. Needs lots and lots of counseling to get over this.

  3. Its ony when the worse happened people want to cherish each other..alay shay tan chops

  4. It only when the worse happened people want to cherish each other..alay shay tan..chops.lets chetish each other more

    • Do you know the people you speak of? I dont think you do, because if you did you would NEVER make that comment. We always need to speak from a standpoint of knowledge if we are gong to criticise

  5. OMG. Only yesterday I am there thinking why are not the concerned groups of this country talking about Road Safety. The Talk Shows etc. Nothing from the Chief Transport Officer and Head of Traffic Department. I mean other than proposing speed bumps. Clearly speed bumps have not improved our Road Safety.

  6. Be strong,so sadddddd knows hows it feel

  7. 90% of flat vans used for farming are not worthy here for public highway,most have problems with steering ,lights, wheel ,tyres,ball joint , brakes and a jimmy fix ,most have no back brakes adjusted properly therefore stopping properly is impossible, drinking alcohol while driving is normal here which i can never understand or accept, my deepest sorrow goes out to all family and friends, There is no such thing as accident when you in your yard sweeping ,The driver needs to be charged because you do not just end up in someone private yard from governments rd and kill them

  8. Ms Bernadine Gumbs

    So very very sad. My condolences to Officer Jeremiah Sidoine and his family. I pray for strength for everyone especially your Dad. May Mom's soul RIP.

  9. My condolences brother.....I can only imagine the pain your family is going through.!! May your Mom rest in blissful peace.

  10. This is why i think that vehicles should be constantly and strictly inspected by the road traffic department to reed the roads of unsafe vehicles.Heavy fines should be implemented for offenders.You would be surprised to see how unsafe some of these vehicles are around you and your family.A person should not have to lose their life due to a vehicle being unroadworthy.This is totally unacceptable... You have old rust buckets with lights missing, worn tyres,excessively worn brake pads
    ,excessive exhaust smoke...this is 2018 people we cannot carry on like this smh!!

  11. the Devil is a liar , he came all in the lady yard to take her flesh but her spirit soul is with God, you eh see the number plate 4666 three last mark of the beast numbers but stay strong the Sidonie family God is great mama is with the almighty holding space at the gates of heaven for her loved ones so sorry for your lost God bless the rest of the family esp the foreman son and husband , and grand kids who witness the aftermath of the accident .

    • Is dying a devilish thing? I don't want to sound insensitive but as far as i know we all will die and there will always be a cause of death. How do you expect to get into heaven? By just walking in? This 4666 thing is just your mind playing on you as i am sure it was probably helping others with carrying materials to build homes or agricultural products to market. Besides god gave man brains to invent numbers. Think about that. Maybe Just too superstitious.

  12. I can only imagine the lost, the pain the family is going through right now. I pray that God grant to you officer sidonie and your family, strength and comfort in this tragic moment. I was bought to tears when I read this story.

    Let's cherish each other daily and more.

  13. So sad. I pray the Lord strengthens the family in this difficult time.


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