UPDATED: Teen shot and killed in Desrameaux, Gros Islet; another in critical condition

UPDATED: Teen shot and killed in Desrameaux, Gros Islet; another in critical condition
Deceased: Rohan Louison

(SNO) — One of two teenagers who sustained gunshot wounds in Desrameaux, Gros Islet on Saturday afternoon (Sept. 1) has been confirmed dead, according to sources.

The deceased has been identified as Rohan Louison, who is 13 years old, of Desrameaux.

The other victim, Callis Benjamin, 19 years old, and also a resident of Desrameaux, is currently in critical condition at hospital.

The shooting occurred around 5 p.m.

Louison reportedly sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the back of his neck, while Benjamin sustained a gunshot wound to his back.

One individual has been arrested.

Gros Islet and Castries fire personnel responded to the incident at 5:06 p.m. and transported the two victims to Victoria Hospital via ambulance.

Louison was pronounced dead on arrival, while Benjamin was admitted in critical condition.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting were not immediately available.

More details to follow on this developing story


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  1. This nonsense got to stop, people of St Lucia educate y'all selves into better things than killing one another,come on Lucian wake up, let's spread love.


  2. A young man laments that once upon a time a man can talk slack in a group, shoot his mouth off, threaten to kill someone and nothing would come of it, even excuse is made for him – it’s the rum talking. Today, uttering threats of ‘I’ll kill you’ can be your death warrant if heard by a third party! A friend of a friend would carry out the dirty deed and the reprisal goes on and on. A man cannot be angry with another man without it leading to death.


  3. This young man's life is on all of us St. Lucians. We sit by and watch these crominals breed... they start off small amongst us and we say nothing. Its none of our business, we turn a blind eye because it hasnt directly impacted us. We are cowards and that is why crime is increasing. Blame govt for laws... our laws are very strict if anyone cares to read. Laws dont prevent crime in case no one thought of it. They only serve to punish when it has already occurred. The US has the death penalty and you don't see it working to stop crimes. Countries that have more of society taking part in fighting crime like Dominica are the places you see lower crime rates. Then we blame the police but do we honestly expect them to work magic??? Police can't charge on gossip or simple suspicions. We need to go forward and take a stand! Give the information and go to court as witnesses. Tell the police where these cowards hide. Then we talk about our lives will be in danger. So many people get sent into protective care but like a bunch of sheep and goats we believe what we hear someone say and don't take our time to educate ourselves about the options available to us. One person says the police will tell the criminals and we buy into that garbage. Ok... that happened.... report the damn officer ! But we go and tell all our neighbours and the whole damn world what we know and when the criminals come for us it must be the police fault... smh... What a young life to be snuffed out in his prime... if only my boy those around had spoken out about what they knew was going on, just maybe you would be here ... condolences to your family. I can only imagine their pain... But lucians wake up please because today is that family tomorrow can be yours...


    • Listen carefully don't you know arresting them won't make a difference. God said vengeance is His. There was a young man who got shot in 4th July 2015, lots of rumors circulated saying this one did it and that one did it. The mother cried and prayed night and day for one year. Who ever the perpetrator worked for could not shield him . He got his payment exactly one year later. People we must learn to trust God more. He will comfort you in time of need. Remember when an individual has sealed his or her decision there is nothing that God can do but to leave the rejectors of His mercies to reap what they have sown.


  4. About 20- 25 years ago, crime was on a rapid high in St Lucia. That's when the government brought in police commissioner Hemingway from England, what was the reason for that decision? I don't know. But crime rate went down very very low . If the present administration thinks that our locals cannot do the job ,because I know they can why not bring an outside person? Law enforcement officials need to put the interest of the country first, because there are principals moral value, truth honesty, involve and not what they can get from who and how they can get what they want unlawfully.


  5. The police commissioner should know that having so many road-checks will not curb crime, the problem is in the communities and if the are not servicing the communities the crime will always be there. I have never seen cars shoot one another.


  6. Those teens was innocents children and god knows that.i no how the parents mayb feeling now.i lost my cousin Wednesday he got stabbed ppl talk but they don't no the truth.accussations,bad talk that's all we get.R.I.P young souls


  7. The deceased looks like my little borther. If my little brother gets killed like that I swear I am resigning from the Police Force and I will come for u. And I would find u.


  8. The government lazy the police only care about them selves and saint Lucian's hypocrite they see things and nobody says anything and when sumting happen thats when everybody beats they ass all late hours u seeing how much minors in Castries Rodneybay groslet Friday night drinking rum late hours places were they not suppose to be if police use to arrest them this would not happen.little child like u what u doing out wer your parents smh


  9. i as a mother cant stomach that one 13 yrs come on man what could he have possibly done that was so wrong for him to lose his life in such manner i know our children are no saints but pls ppl lets put down the weapons n love each other i beg cause i cant imagine losing a loved one in such manner. not even my kid n the pain is unbearable


  10. Who said the government cannot stop crime! THEY can it’s call revisiting the laws and fixing and implementing more crucial punishments to those bastards who continue to harm and hurt petiole of the country! This is a sad story. I grieve with the families!! Wow!!


    • It is not in the best interest of the Government and police to stop crime. If there is no crime there is little reason to have the police. Thousands of jobs at stake there as there would be no way to justify spending taxpayers money on a useless entity. With no police, who would protect the government? Not you or I as I would we wouldn't need them. The Government and police give occasional lip service to the issues to give us false hope. It is a well thought out system of control that won't change.


  11. The country was well created by the MASTER AND CREATOR it is the people living in it that deserve to enter the red sea. Where is Moses and his stick? No government can stop crime . The people need to change how they treat each other and what we entertain from our citizens. Not sure of the circumstances RIP young man.


  12. Mercy Lord that's a child. What is our country coming to with all this killings. RIP my boy. Prayers going out to the family?


    • The deceased looks like my little borther. If my little brother gets killed like that I swear I am resigning from the Police Force and I will come for u. And I would find u.


    • Coming to? Are you blind to what has been going on for years? Last year we had a record 60 homicides. The year before that 40+. Vehicles get stolen daily and taken to chop shops. People get robbed every second of the day. If you keep asking that question you really don't know how far we have sunk. This is the final stages of collapse of a lawless society. Laws are continuously broke here and the police don't care too much for enforcement. The judiciary is a mess and the citizens don't care either. Ask yourself how many times you have skirted a law. Now think about 100,000 people doing that on a daily basis. It all adds up.


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