VIDEO: Violent clash between Saint Lucian and Grenadian footballers at WISG

VIDEO: Violent clash between Saint Lucian and Grenadian footballers at WISG

(SNO) – A video has surfaced of a violent situation that erupted between players in the final football match between Saint Lucia and Grenada on the morning of Sunday, July 29, 2018 during the Windward Islands Schools’ Games (WISG).

The fight broke out in the 80th minute after Saint Lucia was awarded a free kick.

Referee Andrew Philip reportedly handed out five red cards as a result, with Saint Lucia losing three players, and Grenada losing two.

The match was reportedly abandoned with three minutes left into injury time with Grenada 2-1 up.

In a Facebook post, renowned Grenadian sports journalist, Michael Bascombe commented on the incident: “The logical question asked and also in a brief chat with former President of the Grenada Football Association, Ashley ‘Ram’ Folkes, is what action/sanction/punishment would be appropriate for the perpetrators? As he puts it…most of the players may not be in that competition again and banning them would be an exercise in futility as well as denying them school time would be counter productive. An intelligent discussion!”

The Games ended on Sunday in Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia with Grenada capturing the overall championships after being victorious in athletics,  basketball and football.

The hosts ended joint second with St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


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  1. Don't understand you must be a Grenadian comment. The players who were involved from both sides should be disciplined. They should receive a suspension from school also.


  2. St Lucia got frustrated and lost their overall cool. We have been trying to beat the Spice athletes and players for years. We have to learn what they are getting right and stop trying to settle with fight.


    • Grenada win the OECS swimming, cricket, athletics, football... we should learn what they are gettign right and stop the crap about blaming the video for what happen. Both sides need to be blamed but if a minister take a side then we are not teaching the kids how to compete properly


    • While I am very concerned about the behaviour of players on both sides, I was actually disgusted by the utterances of an Official of the Ministry of S[ports and a former teacher on a sports programme that it was the camera misrepresenting what actually took place. I believe that Mathurin should be disciplined for rather than condemning such behaviour and sending a message that this would not be tolerated, he was glossing over it suggesting that it was ok. How will the youth learn when adult officials that that kind of position.


    • rosa, people like you writing such garbage my me believe the PM when he says that 43% of you all are illiterate.


  3. So in additional of learning the skills of the game which in themselves teach them discipline, more must be done. They all want to win and must play to win, but there will always be a winner and a loser. In addition, these players from both sides can become lifelong friends. Bottomline, keep out the hostility and violence. Football is a sport. Play hard, do your best and enjoy.


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