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Video: Mercury Fest was a “tremendous success”: Fedee

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee has said the two-day Mercury Fest Saint Lucia held over the weekend attracted over 4,000 French nationals, according to preliminary estimates, and was a “tremendous success”.

Fedee made the disclosure during a press conference on Monday (August 12), as well as via Facebook.

The event, held on Friday and Saturday, featured Kalash and Popcaan, and a number of local and French acts.

“What is clear is that the economic impact was enormous,” he told reporters.

Fedee congratulated the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and organisers, Epic Events, “on the successful hosting of Mercury Fest”.

“We were blessed to have just over 4,000 french nationals gracing our shores this past weekend,” Fedee said.

“The economic impact from this year’s Mercury event would have been one of the best ever given that our local vendors were given the opportunity to sell at the event, all the drinks, food supplies and other supporting resources were all sourced locally. This was not the case in previous years,” Fedee explained.

He went on to thank Saint Lucians for “welcoming our French brothers and sisters with the warm Lucian hospitality that we are known for!”

Mercury Fest replaced Mercury Beach after government was unable to secure a deal with the French organiser/s. Mercury Beach 2018 went back to be hosted in Martinique while Saint Lucia created it’s own version of the event and dubbed it ‘Mercury Fest Saint Lucia’.

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  1. Exacltly they trying to copy dream weekend . They must google dream weekend to see what you call success you lucky to get a hotel room to go to that. Twenty five thousand going that start in miami and work it way down to negril. Majee four thousand haaaaaa a cruise ship of people (choops) mate is a joke

  2. Shit talk they can lie about the numbers

  3. You know why it's a success? Its not like the jazz festival which SLP supports deliberately stay away from and encourage other persons not to attend. It was a sucess becauze we all saw the tourizts around. It was a success because, inspite of your predictions it happrned and it was big. Lets stop the politics and begin building our country.

  4. YOU must be the smallest jack in town .everytin always a success down here. i thought succcess was in Africa. how much money was made and stop counting a park full of wolves.

  5. Saying it was a success without showing us the numbers don't mean jack. Let us have the numbers and we will decide whether it was a success.

  6. It was fantastic!!!


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