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Video: 4 sent to hospital after two-vehicle smash-up in Castries

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Four escaped serious injuries, and even death, during a two-vehicle motor collision at the intersection of Brazil Street and Bridge Street, Castries on Sunday, August 12, according to officials.

Reports are that a car caught on fire after colliding with a sports utility vehicle (SUV) at about 5:46 a.m.

Firemen were summoned to the scene and they were able to extinguish the blaze very quickly.

The four occupants of the car were transported by ambulance to Victoria Hospital with minor injuries.

There were no information regarding the occupant/s of the SUV.

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  1. Whats wuth all thead traffic lights that dont work here?
    They drive like crazy people here so I'm not surprised at the amount of accidents. Several bus drivers and friends moment on the madness when I've driven with them that as I'm from foreign I'd seem arrogant to point this out.
    Who does the teaching and why don't they follow the rules on the road? It's costing too many lives inroads accidents here.

  2. I was shock to see how people are driving on the road where they traffic lights the light his red and you still driving a bus driver again

  3. Early morning on a Sunday. An accident when the road is at it's calmest. That has to be some kind of record.

    You can't drive like you used to in the nineties and early aughties, now every moron is driving a car. And we don't read in this country so you know it's a moron behind at least 50% of the vehicles on the road.

    If you don't already know the speed limit within the city it is no more than 48 km/h.

    • Call Me What You Want !

      lol i'm sure u're the one who don't read.. because your spelling is way off track. "aughties?" && calling someone moron. Haaa Maysia.. Lucians

      • Since you don't know what the aughties are, it's pretty clear you don't read.

        I took the liberty of correcting your grammar:

        I'm sure you're the one who doesn't read since your spelling is way off track. 'Aughties?' Calling someone a moron? Mésyé, St. Lucians.

        Even your Kwéyòl is badly written.

      • Zeigy just read you sis lol.

  4. I am sure that there is a STOP sign on Brazil Street. It means STOP. It means that it is MANDATORY to STOP whether or not there are vehicles approaching. It is ashamed that the Driving School teaches people to not stop. They tell their students to poke their front into the road for a chance to enter a priority road. then they teach to STOP where there is no STOP sign and allow someone who has a STOP sign or coming from a minor road to pass without stopping. Example persons coming form Rodney Bay where they have a STOP sign, sometimes do not STOP because we STOP on the highway creating traffic jam to allow them to come out. They are actually disobeying the law. SMH. I note a number plate that says PK Am I to assume he/she was just taught by our Driving School Instructors. those guys teach so much rubbish I am not surprise at the number of accidents we have. SMH

    • What an intelligent a--.

    • So true. One wonders what is being taught in driving schools. But to be fair there are intersections where you have no choice to creep into the priority road. Otherwise you would not be able to see what is coming because there are obstructions blocking your view.

  5. STOP signs need to be in " shocking colour" and illuminated with Christmas lights for some careless drivers. Some of them are unsure that they have ROW yet they still are speeding aggressively at intersections. SMH

    Traffic lights are designed to do just that BUT them tings in Castries conk out 100 years ago and seems not to be a priority to be fixed by neither the Transport/ Traffic officials nor the CCC/ GoSL.

    • Ellesmere n keele

      Lol it's a well I heard this phrase " shocking color" but you are right it will definitely catch the attention of drivers for sure.


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