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UPDATED: Two dead in Agard shooting

By SNO Staff

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Miguel Charlery (left) and Barry Leonce

(SNO) – Police have identified the deceased persons in Monday afternoon’s shooting in Agard as Miguel Charlery and Barry Leonce.

One of the individuals died on the scene while the other died at hospital.

At least two other people were injured in the shooting and have been hospitalised.

Emergency services responded to the incident at 4:30 p.m.

The circumstance surrounding the shooting was not immediately available.

Three homicides have been committed in the past 24 hours.

On Sunday evening, Stephen Francis, also known as ‘Face’, was gunned down in Wilton’s Yard, Castries.

A total of 21 homicides have been recorded so far this year.

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  1. RIP Migz. RIP being at the wrong place at the wrong time ain't easy at all. Your death has touched many. You were a very kind hearted individual. It's painful to see u disappear. I saw u on a bike two weeks ago. Now u are no more. I wish u were still there... Wish u had stayed home...... Waaaaa I jak knows. It will be tuft to attend your funeral. RIP migz RIP

  2. Is the current strategy working!

    If the current run rate is maintained, the Commissioners' self imposed target of no more than 25 homicides was purely lip service to a microphone:-

    21/8*12=31.5 round that up 32 homicides (current run rate)

  3. Rip Barry ur dogs that kill u not far behind to join u bro u did nobody rong my boy so u gonna rest in peace but the killers have to die like dogs cause u never did nobody nun

  4. mr. commissioner you said the murder rate will not pass 25. I think only god can say that. its almost close to 25. should you take your words back. why don't you say how many murders solved for the year.

  5. Is this a rival gang payback. More to come.


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