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“The attitude and behavior of this Government stinks” – Dr. Anthony “disturbed” by events at SJH


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Dr. Anthony

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, says he is deeply disturbed by the events unfolding at the St Jude Hospital located at the George Odlum Stadium.

Over the past two weeks, there has been ongoing works to remove and replace the roofs of the stadium.

According to Dr. Anthony, “I have been briefed on the ill-health experienced by medical staff and patients at the institution. A number of doctors and nurses have become ill following contact with material contained in the old roof, and have had serious allergic reactions, warranting sick leave. Despite this, the Government has not called a stop to the ongoing works.”

The Parliamentary Representative says that he is aware that formal complaints were made by the staff of St Jude Hospital and the Labour Department had to intervene to compel the Government to address the issues.

However, says Dr. Anthony, “The attitude and behavior of this Government stinks. It has now been discovered that no approvals were granted by the Development Control Authority to undertake the replacement of the roofs of the stadium. It is ironic that Guy Joseph, the Minister of Economic Development who frequently justified the stoppage of work on the original St Jude project and indeed, other projects initiated by the former SLP Government on the ground that that the planning approval processes were incomplete, should now embark on replacing the roofs of the stadium without planning approval. What is worse is that the Government displays total contempt for the staff and employees of the hospital. This Government operates with impunity, disdain and disregard for the citizens of this country.This is unacceptable.”

According to Dr. Anthony, “While the repairs to the stadium may be necessary at this time, I believe the existing works should be stopped, at least temporarily, to allow for environmental and health safeguards to be put into effect to protect doctors, health care providers, patients and residents of the Vieux Fort community, particularly those who live in close proximity to the stadium. The government should have had the deceny to inform all concerned of the impending works and the likely implications. I urge the Development Control Authority to enforce the stop order until the issues surrounding the existing works are fully resolved.”

Dr Anthony added that he intends to monitor the situation very closely to protect health care workers at St Jude’s and his constituents.

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  1. Shame on you Kenny. You're a nasty and vindictive little man who has done nothing for Vieux-Fort in over 20 years of being their MP. So shut up. You have to take responsibility for St. Jude.

  2. It will always be so in Lucia always about slp or uwp never the ppl some of you ppl get me sick

  3. I never thought that I would live to see the day when we would glorify such incompetence.

    "Imagine that your district representative as a PM and a Minister of Finance, THE CROWN JEWEL OF THE GOVERNMENT'S HOUSING PROJECT IS A GHETTO? "

  4. Is there not a government or construction team to finish this hospital. Why can’t it be done? Well if it take 24 months to build a simple bridge.... then...

    There just too many politicians involved. Why can’t Allan write a check to a contractor?

    • There is so much of a crooked borbolist culture in Saint Lucian culture, that it is not even recognized and appreciated by the man in the street that certain government expenditures must take place behind a tendering process. Here, goes someone making a suggestion about a bridge and a cheque without any reference to the tendering process. This populace is so unsophisticated. It hurts.

      Nearly 40 years into so-called independence and the people still do not show too many signs of being able to govern themselves or the country properly. We are really setting ourselves up for misfits and the untrustworthy to engage in acts of malfeasance, gross mismanagement, graft, and corruption. Little wonder Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition today, still thinks that this country is best served by moronic rustics, country bucks, and by boisterously mendacious rabble-rousers.

  5. It's a very sad thing, when you don't know any better. Now this communist is here as always, trying to destabilize our country. Castro is dead. Castro is dead. Castro is dead. Do you understand? This communist passed Article 361 to muzzle the local press following lockstep in the footsteps of his guide and mentor, Fidel Casto.

    Bankrupt of useful development ideas, this communist promised stupid voters who bought his guile, bile and deceptive talk of transparency and accountability plunged the country into debt. Our famous country buck and joker enablers had a $48 million sum egregiously lost to Frenwell, an $86 million loss with Black Bay which is again in the news, and a $150 million lost in selling our national birthright, in deepest secrecy as if they owned the property. Here we have a litany of degrees of stupidity doubling up in a row, producing economic chaos. En rouge!

    Those who stupidly bought the bile and the bilge were promised political platform jobs. They and their equally silent enablers and inexperienced economists borrowed money to created a scheme of giving short-terrm temporary work and passing the money to party supporters to cut grass by the roadside. They asked for steady employment SLP smart asses were given STEP.

    The stupid ones that voted for SLP and his enablers asked for housing. Those suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome, like so many in Saint Lucia, begged to be led. Those voting at the booth were encouraged with enablers sending money from overseas for the purchase of plywood and galvanize.

    All decent governments create stone housing projects for their people. The SLP built Bruce Ville, a hotbed for drug-trafficking, crime, and murderous thugs.

    Imagine that your district representative as a PM and a Minister of Finance, THE CROWN JEWEL OF THE GOVERNMENT'S HOUSING PROJECT IS A GHETTO?

    Why are some hellbent trying to destabilize the country? Their lack of positive imagination, insight and flawed foresight and ability, after 10 years in office, is the packaged healthcare disaster facing the country today. Why was not Cuba's Hitech medical industry followed, instead of suppression of press freedom? Yet, you want to tell me that they have the shameless effrontery, out there and hellbent, trying to derive political mileage out of their years of a glaring lack of any personal technical skills to speak of, and their political mischief and gross incompetence?

    • If the SLP were an enlightened bunch, other than braying donkeys and entertainers, they would have placed worker protection into law regarding workplace, occupational safety, protection and health. No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o. They are not that intelligent. They know how to entertain. Give them that. They can belly dance and waltz at political meetings and on platforms.

      The idiots shout as if in an orgasmic climax, en rouge! The country meanwhile, continued to go by the tail.

  6. "We have fawning puppies that wagged their tails happily for their communist masters in Cuba and Venezuela? Are the villages missing their idiots?"

    Yes. For a while now.

  7. What!!!!!! is that man serious. OMG!!! PLEASE!!! don't say anything,its embarrassing, you are one of the worst prime minters who ever lead this country. So I advice to crawl back to the shit hole you came from, better yet go lead the lost souls in purgatory. No shame.

    • When idiots vote for their slave masters' grandchildren, look for these contented suffering jackasses in the ghettos of Saint Lucia. They are given plywood and galvanized sheets to build those ghettos with money from overseas.

      Where overseas may never be all clear. But the ghetto party strongholds like Bruce Ville get to be built.

      Saint Lucians beware! Examine the horns.

      • Like pigs, after the ghettos are built the roll with joy in the mud. SMH. The crooked SLP left the crooked pathways in the Mangue the same way they found it, after 10 years in power. Jackass voters never learn.

  8. Well well well, didn't realized that the SLP administration knew so much about the safety procedure when dealing with demolition of a project with dangerous materials. I do agree that safety procedures must be adhered to in dealing with the removal oh the Stadium's roof which is made of fiberglass, due to varying dangers associated with this material especially when converted to small particles or dust. Aside from the cancer risk,exposure to this material is known to cause irrigation of the eyes,nose and throat and stomach if fibers are swallowed. But before the demolition wasn't the roof already deteriorating and falling off,strange that no one in that environment complained about the I'll effects of the particles. Wasn't the same SLP administration that was in office when the old police/fire station on Jeremie Street was demolished. This building was had a roof made of Asbestos and I can't recall of any safety procedures that was put in effect, it was demolished during a week day with no prior notice given the the general public, not even the occupants of the arcade were were given prior warning, won't be surprise if in the future occupants of the arcade and passersby could be affected with Methothelioma. Check the double standard.

    • If there were no such thing as 'double standards' the SLP would have had no standards at all. Roachasmell, Black Bay, Grynberg, Jufalli and now hospitals? These hypocrites are so desperate. Desperate people are dangerous people. There are so many damn desperate SLP hypocrites. This country is in grave danger.

      This same party has staged an unsuccessful coup. Radio Saint Lucia was taken over briefly. Lest we forget. Desperate people do desperate things.

      • Watch them.

        • Us St lucians truely believe in tit for tat they did no complaints why are they complaining now this is how we sound if it's wrong it's just wrong don't rally behind SLP or UWP really behind what should be done to alleviate problems in the nation and not on SLP OR UWP the man is not wrong for saying what he is saying

          • Desperate people do desperate things. I agree. Therefore, go beyond words and watch them. Radio Saint Lucia was occupied whilst guns were on Rat Island. Watch them. Russia installed their president. Brexit was a phony vote too. Watch them. It almost happened here. Watch them.

          • Simpleton, shut up. You idiot! SLP-ites are setting up the country for a coup just like in the days of that hoodlum.

          • Stay away in the States. You make make much more sense in your world.

  9. WAKE UP ST. LUCIA ! First of all, if the hospital had been finished on schedule, there would be no problems with the roof repairs. NEXT, all political parties have had their chance at St. Jude to finish it to give the people in the south proper health care that is needed and deserved. ALSO, there is plenty of time after the hospital is finished to point fingers, place blame, and levy legal action on anyone necessary, BUT, instead let the people in the south worry if proper care will be there when needed. Get your head out of the seaweed at Sandy Beach, show a little intelligence, get the hospital finished, NO WHERE in the world does it take 10 years plus, to build, rebuild, or finish a hospital. EMBARRASSED, we all should be. LAUGHED AT, we are for allowing this to happen. Solve the problem, THEN fix what went wrong.

  10. Lol. I saw a news report with the contractor and workers to discuss the proposed works and methodology. So why are people saying that the workers were not informed. First they cry about the conditions at the stadium. Obviously it needed fixing. Now it's being fixed SLP at it again. The SLP didn't finish a hospital in 5 years so it's now up to UWP to finish it whiles dealing with the problems at the stadium, Soufriere, Micoud and Anse la Raye and NNH. Sometimes I wonder how those guys have the audacity to even comment on Health Care in this island. SMH. Well PM do what u have to do, but nothing will happen over night

  11. Why is the SLP looking and sounding so desperate? Why? Is it in its death throes?

    Happily, not everybody has lived on and benefited from the red Kool Aid.

    GDP figures do not lie. Everybody with an intelligent brain knows, that ever since the SLP became a bosom friend of Fidel and later Maduro, Saint Lucia had been in a downward spiral.

  12. Kenny, you really have heart wii... I mean, I'm not a fan of this administration either, but you have HEART to say anything about SJH.

  13. Why is this guy still on taxpayers payroll...i really think Kenny should go do something else like…hmmmm. I cannot think of a thing, because I know he will f*&K it up…sorry but I cannot come up with nothing constructive. DAMMIT

  14. Shame!Shame! the Shame Loving Party!!aka SLP! What did SLP do to ensure St. Judes was up and running when they could? the answer is zilch. not a priority under them. it never was. instead of taking health seriously they put an ill educated imbecile to head the minsitry. the project was for his constituency. did he make it a priority? the answer is no! you SLP people are shameless and will never get my vote! now you all running criticising and complaining about st judes when you all did nothing to fix it. contractors were building country cottages rather than a hospital and not a word from you all then! I pray that the departed souls who suffered under St. Judes find rest! go fork you all selves!

  15. Really. Kenny. You sans hot so

  16. Is it Kenny or is it Tony talking? Doesn't matter. Kenny and Tony both of you shut up!

  17. Look who's talking.......Did you ever hear of if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all dumb idiot. You were the worst Prime Minister in the history of St.Lucia I wonder what pumps blood through your body? Because I know there isn't a heart MORON. This should be a no brainer,no body should be listening to this fool. Unfortunately 60% of the people in Vieux-Fort have no brains. Kenny a memory......a has been.

  18. @ Concern - Are you saying his comments are not justified?

  19. SLP still can smell its banchay. Good for you. Whilst in office SLP had no nose.

  20. why are you still on taxpayers payroll Bro...i really think kenny should call it a day and go do something else like...uhmmm...i don't know what, cause i know he would f*&k it up. sorry i can not think of a thing.DAM

  21. We have fawning puppies that wagged their tails happily for their communist masters in Cuba and Venezuela? Are the villages missing their idiots?

  22. Is anyone falling for this? Please let me know.

    • Only the Red Kool Aid drinkers. They are suffering from Red STEP withdrawal syndrome. Every week they are taking turns at killing each other out.

  23. Dr Kenny u stinks no one want to hear nothing u saying

  24. Former prime minister Dr Kenny Anthony if I was in place of you,I would go hiding don't talk about St.jude, don't talk about nothing concerning the south shame on you.As my rep support you I'm very disappointed in you, If you don't have nothing good to say be quite.

    • and what have you got to say "concern"?

    • Dont get me wrong I support your party. But Kenny you are a shame to vf. I think u should resign and give someone else a chance. You ride vf people enough for their vote already with little to show for the amount of time you have been there especially as PM. If in your 5yrs u finished it we would not be in this situation. If your constituency was more on your agenda we would have been out of this mess. Untold Stories was a major eye opener to me. So Kenny honestly u are part of the problem.

    • Are you saying that his comments are not justified?

    • "If I was in place of you"? That can never, ever, ever happen! Kenny's boots are just too big. You may not like him or his representation but I can assure you he has done more for St. Lucia that many including the Hurricane Allen!

      Now UWPs come on . . . I can take it.

    • What’s not good about what was said. No matter how constructive the opinion, you people still complain. Look at the content of what is said rather than the person stating their opinion. Just critiquing because he is who he is doesn’t make it right. I do think one can be critical of a lot of things that was done by this group.

    • The man is the Parliamentary Rep. You want him to keep quiet about something that is affecting citizens in his constituency?!! If anything he is too quiet. He should do much more to ensure that his citizens are treated as they should.

    • I agree with you on that. Only if he had made it a priority then we wouldn't have been going through that. His 5 yes he should have completed st. Jude's. Dr. What did you do in your time in office to ensure the hospital was completed. Answer this question before u can say anything else. I'm just sick of you all playing games with us. We need a revolution in this place.

    • If I were (not was) you, I would stop commenting online. If you cannot even construct one proper English sentence, you should probably be quiet (not quite). LOL 🙂

    • So let the current government do whatever they want and keep quiet ? Were you telling the opposition that two years ago when they was criticizing the then government almost daily? Lucians need to learn to stop killing the messenger and listen to the message.

      • You are a typical colonial-minded SLP dinosaur, just opposing for opposing sake. You are part of our large population of walking and jabbering idiots. No brains. You drink too damn much.

    • Since you have so much chat go spent some time at St Jude inhale some of the asbestos from the roof then one year from now come back and chat again about how you are doing.


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