Vehicle stolen at Pigeon Island event

Vehicle stolen at Pigeon Island event
A typical Toyota Cami
A Toyota Cami

A blue Toyota Cami motor vehicle, registration # PE8961, was stolen at the Live N Colour event on Pigeon Island between Saturday night, July 28 and Sunday morning, July 29.

The vehicle’s right headlight is broken, it’s front number plate is also broken but recognisable, and the vehicle is tinted with the roof paint fading.

If you have any info please call 715-9589


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  1. That vehicle is worth more disassembled for the parts than it is for it as was. A sad truth.

    Chances are that it has been taken to a chop-shop, stripped and left on the roadside in Bexon, the interchangeable parts that likely are compatible on several Toyota vehicles sold at a discount knowingly or unknowingly nudge-nudge-wink-wink to auto repair shops, who will then charge the customer or the insurance company almost full price for new parts.

    And it's not rocket science to pull apart the parts that get money, a very small crew can do a few a night.

    The thieves and the auto repair shops both make their proverbial "case of beer" in what is justified as a "victimless" crime that ends up driving up car insurance rates for everyone.

    I will not be surprised when someone pulls this at one of the car dealerships along the John Compton Highway:

    God Bless.


  2. May the thieves be brought to justice and may they feel the punishment for their crimes in due season. Enough is enough.


  3. I hope that this vehicle is recovered ASAP. We need to put an end to this lawlessness. Bring the person ride back !


  4. When are the Police in St Lucia going to make some headway on all these vehicle thefts in 2018. I am starting to believe it's the same guys doing this.


  5. Those bastards in St Lucia now bringing first world criminal practices and expertise home while damn corrupt politicians forming the fool in Parliament and government.


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