Soon Belle Vue people will need trucks for transportation (letter to the editor)

Soon Belle Vue people will need trucks for transportation (letter to the editor)
This is not a photo from Pierrot, Vieux Fort but based on the sound of the letter this may very well become the case in the near future.
This is not a photo from Pierrot, Vieux Fort, but based on the description of the road and transportation conditions in the letter below, this may very well become the case in the near future.

Dear Editor: I am a young and rather open-minded student with the aspirations of becoming one of the best physiotherapists ever. At one point, I was proud to say that I’m from the “culturally-rich, eventful, class, and vibrant community of Belle Vue”. But now, I’m just from “Belle Vue”. Why? Where have the adjectives gone?

If you ask me, all of those adjectives left with the missing pieces of the road from Belle Vue to Zabo. This bad ‘half of the road’ doesn’t only affect the transportation system, as it also affects the community, and its health and development.

No need to rush; well emergency or not, that’s one thing you CANNOT do in Belle Vue (rush). So, sit back and hear me out as I vent to my notepad on the longest bus ride home, from Vieux Fort to Belle Vue.

First of all, what has happened to Jounen Kwéyol in Belle Vue? We all must agree that there is no better Jounen Kwéyol than Jounen Kwéyol in the ‘cultural capital’ of Saint Lucia, Belle Vue. However, this time around, persons may get lost in a few potholes on their way. Hence, Belle Vue can’t host Jounen Kwéyol.

Secondly, do you think it is a good idea to close the Health and Wellness Centre in a community with such a bad road, that it adds an hour to a 15-minute bus ride? Anyone being rushed to the hospital would have more harm done after these vicious trenches. Either that, or some rough shakes and head bangs on the window would be the perfect remedy.

By the way, I wasn’t joking when I said a bus ride from Belle Vue to Vieux Fort is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Yes, a bus ride to Castries. Either you’re late for work, or you’re extremely late for work. After having such treacherous road conditions, it is awfully difficult to rely on the public bus system.

Well, you really can’t blame them sometimes; why rush to go damage your vehicle’s suspension? In this ‘hard guava season’, these Belle Vue road users have to find monies to patronise these stores and garages for parts a lot more frequently. Sadly, it’s not only bus drivers. Needless, to mention motor car owners. Sooner or later, the people from Belle Vue will need trucks.

I am tired. Sometimes I wanna close my eyes for a good nap, but I remember how many times the old man before me has banged his head on the glass. Sometimes I just hate going to Belle Vue, but I remember I live there.

Oh… and I’m still not home yet. Please, help me.

– Concerned resident


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  1. I think is best youll start planting dasheen in the holes and plantain trees . I remember when I ws a little girl in dennery north we had similar situation so the residents planted banana tree in the pot holes and called the media. you could imagine the surprise these tress well planted upright position even had banans in them didn't take them 2 days to come fix the road


  2. maysia yurll lying it not taking no hour nd 15 mins to reach Belle vue.. I understand the conditions of the road but yu exaggerating... it taking abt 20 mins to reach deh maybe 30 min's top


  3. Moses Jn Baptiste needs to be voted out of Vieux-Fort North! don't you guys need a new experience and new opportunities?? for more than 10 years and nothing much have been done and you guys still go ahead and vote for him. stop siding for colors and side for the betterment and development of your communities! you saint lucians are too small minded and too full of ignorance and drama! I really feel the pain and frustration for the people of Belle Vue and Morne-Cayenne but at the same time i am glad some of them are going through this because they will learn a lesson from this experience and stop voting for colors but for betterment and development! HOPE YOU GUYS GET YOURLL ROADS FIXED SOON <3


  4. That is so sad to read about the condition of your road and your long journey to and from Veux-fort. I hope that you guys get some sort of intervention soon. Perhaps you should forward your letter to the minister responsible for communications and works, the PM and also your MP.

    I traversed this road last year while visiting a friend who was recovering from surgery, I am only imagine that it is worse now.


  5. That Add you ask for? The biggest Jackass after pjp the vf north people deserve what they getting now 4.5yrs he didn't take care of it they still voted him. Take it Nor shot up.


  6. You all behind Gods back who is your representative for parliament ? You all UWP or SLP strong hold you all done know how it go already. This is what you need to do don't write no more letters to SNOL. Write a letter to your parliamentarian representative outlining the community concerns and demand a meeting with said representative to address the issues at hand. You see the problem with St Lucians they don't demand accountability, instead they rather choose colors over quality of life issues. If this does not work embarrass the bastard by staging a protest in front of his private residence or at a sitting house of parliament. Be prepared to stage civil disobedience block a highway then you will get the attention of the SNOL'S of the world. Keep in mind there will be backlash and intimidation just stay focus on your desired task. Remember the words of Fidel Castro with every revolution there must be a change.


  7. What the HELL was MUSA doing all them years.....He NOW rather MARCH than to take care of the needs of
    the people that elected him....Choops!


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