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UPDATED: Senior citizen shot in Cul de Sac

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred in Cul de Sac, Castries early Sunday morning, June 10, 2018, according to reports.

The victim, Matthias Anderson, 66, sustained at least two gunshot wounds, to his arm and leg.

The incident occurred around 3:30 a.m.

Castries ambulance personnel responded and transported him to Victoria Hospital in stable condition.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting were not immediately available.

Anderson is a St. Lucian who resides in the U.S., according to reports.

“He was shot near his place of residence and he chased the gunman into someone else’s yard,” a source alleged.

Scene of the shooting. * Photo provided

Scene of the shooting. * Photo provided

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  1. We need to stop running our country by colors cause at the end of the day Chastanet and Kenny and their families don’t suffer we do idiots

  2. if i feel like chopping somebody no what can Alan do about a bunch of ignorant fools in the comments crime is inevitable it may not be right but it will always happen

  3. We need to stop running this country by colors cause at the end of the day the Kenney and Chastanet and their families don’t suffer we do idiots

  4. The buck stops with the prime minister, it always will, nobody can prevent crime, but there can be steps taken to catch the offenders and make them pay for their crimes.......unless you want viglante justice in saint lucia.......obviously these people don't care unless the crime reaches their doorstep, and it won't........

    • You really think it’s the prime minister responsible for this lol How about folks start taking responsibility for what they’ve done

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  6. Gangster get Purple

    Senior Gangster...js

    • Are u dumb...what does senior gandster mean? Do you know him personally?
      Do not judge a book by its cover, go play in traffic

  7. Chas deliver your promise. We will hold you to that in the next election

    • How politics come in that ? Lucian's really dumb***

      • @Smh......What has the Prime Minister to do with gangsters shooting gangsters,shooting innocent citizens, tourist children etc. Did he tell them get their guns and start a holy war? You moron please get a 4ing life Mr Prime Minister does not know if you exist.

  8. WOW we are safe in St Lucia. Kenny could not do it but Chastanet doing it well.
    Chastanet is the one who said it.


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