UPDATED: Serious crimes up by 3%; Marchand listed in highest number of serious crimes

UPDATED: Serious crimes up by 3%; Marchand listed in highest number of serious crimes
From L to R: Sgt. Renee, ACP Charlery and ACP Nicholas
From L to R: Sgt. Renee, ACP Charlery and ACP Nicholas

(SNO) – The community of Marchand has been listed among communities in the Central Sector of the country as having the highest number of serious crimes reported for January to July this year, according to police earlier today (August 31, 2018).

Noting that there was an overall increase of three percent in reported serious crimes for this year, Sgt. Kimroy Renee, officer in charge of intelligence, said that there is a positive correlation between murder and firearm offences.

With regards to homicide, he said that they were almost evenly spread throughout the three sectors, something he views as a departure from what previous analysis have shown.

The three sectors he is referring to are the Northern Sector that includes Gros Islet, Rodney Bay, Babonneau, Marigot, Anse La Raye, Canaries, Richfond and Dennery; the Southern Sector that includes Micoud, Vieux Fort, Laborie, Choiseul and Soufriere and the Central Sector that he listed as Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Beat Patrol and Marchand.

Officer Renee, alongside Assistant Commissioner of Police Nicholas George and Wayne Charlery, noted that pistols are the preferred weapon used by the criminals, that there was an overall increase in sexual offences for 2017, the number of robbery offences had increased steadily over a four-year period, and that burglary continues to be the highest recorded offence within the category of offences against property.

Regarding narcotics offences, the Northern Sector recorded 56 percent of those offences, the Southern Sector 36 percent, and the Central Sector 8 percent, for the period under review.

The month of March had the highest amount of offences, 66 in total.


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  1. There is sumpting screwey (said Bugs Bunny), about these so-called SECTORS. The Northern Sector is bounded on the south from Ans-la-Raye to Dennery, but does not include Castries and environs. The Southern Sector is bounded on the north from Soufriere to Micoud. However the Central Sector is where again??? CID, BEAT PATROL (are these Policing Departments communities??), and...wait for it...MARCHAND!!!

    Castries, which includes Forestiere, Marchand and La Clery, is NOT included as part of the Northern Sector, however MARCHAND is listed as the ONLY community in the Central Sector. AMAZING???

    Were these "sectors" designed with political expediency in mind? JUST ASKING?


  2. Is it not shamefully ironic that the constituencies of the former PM and Deputy PM are almost always centre-stage in the crime scenes in Saint Lucia? Notably, one parliamentary representative was midwife to the creation of a ghetto as a housing project. Everybody knows about the plywood and the galvanized-sheeting as voter fly-paper.


  3. Am a business owner and I do not see the connection between the content of your story and your heading. There is no statistics to back up such. When was the last time you hear of any violent insident in marchand. It's sad how society stereotype such community. Erase the stigma.


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