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VIDEO: Speaker asks Guy Joseph to withdraw statement or leave, the minister chooses to leave

By SNO Staff

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Joseph (left) and Speaker Daniel

(SNO) – Drama reigned in a part of the sitting of the House of Assembly on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 after a government minister opted to leave the proceedings instead of obeying the Speaker of the House.

That minister was Castries South East representative Guy Joseph, who is also the Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation.

He was asked by Speaker of the House Andy Daniel to withdraw a statement he made earlier, while members were trading talks surrounding certain points on immigration being delivered by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

Joseph refused to withdraw the statement, and was even heard asking “what statement?” like a few other members on the government side.

Daniel insisted, asking that Joseph withdraw his statement or leave the House. Joseph chose the latter, saying: “I sitting there and talking and you telling me about withdrawing statement.”

Castries South representative and member of the main Opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, was also asked by the Speaker to withdraw his statement.

Dr. Hilaire complied without hesitation.

Below is a video of the drama that unfolded.

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  1. mr. Joseph I have full confidence in you .keep up the good work. Chay bay wed par mollie.

    • It is ironic that the name behind which you hide on the web is "humble," when you seem not to think that members of the People's House should not humble themselves before it when directed to do so by the Speaker! I respect the work that Joseph is doing as well, but his actions in the House during the debates were reprehensible, PERIOD! The right thing for him to have done, was to adhere to the instruction of the Speaker and withdraw the statement, whatever it was.

      • "whatever it was he had to withdraw it" that's laughable don't even know what the statement was but you think he should withdraw it... smh ...the speaker ask that he withdraw or leave, he chose to leave, tell me where is the disrespect in say i hide behind my name Nick as it may be i don't see no photo of you on here "Dan Thomas"for all i know you could be a woman.. fact of the matter is anyone has the right to walk out of the house if they disagree with the way the proceedings are going i have seen it done many times no disrespect in that....sir.

  2. That guy is synonymous with poison.

  3. Guy you better be careful because you may cause UWP to get a licking at the next general elections and You might live to regret it because of your attitude. Please don't mess us up. You're a big man; respect yourself. Andy is quite respectable and knows no bias and knows his job too. If the speaker asked has you to withdraw a statement; just withdraw it and shut up. Andy was a judge who use to send big men to jail (so be careful). So check yourself Guy.

  4. Hmmm i remember when the ruling party chastized the opposition for walking out, i wonder if Guy will get the same treatment? And for those who are criticizing the speaker for not favouring the ruling party are in crazy. That means you rather put your party before your own country......smh

  5. guy said they in SLP have a vested interest in arms coming in...that is from Venezuela. This got the speaker upset because this is a serious allegation. check it out on youtube replay..40 mins.

    then like a spoilt child when asked to withdraw he refuses and leaves almost in tears.:o

    we need to get access to all these bills prior to their passing in the house like what prevails in jamaica and other islands. Joers on either side of the house eh ready to represent our interests as a people

  6. Was any of the 2 parliamentarians addressing parliament or were they having the regular maypree across the table? If it was the quarrelling across the table, the Speaker should have requested "Order in the House". That is the norm. He also had to tell Guy what he is asking him to withdraw.

  7. Andy just does not cut it. The role of a speaker is to protect the ruling party. No matter how fair a speaker purports to be, his role is ultimately to ensure that the ruling party gets it way most of the time. And that the opposition gets some token benefits. To do otherwise as a speaker, is to risk being fired.

    • Forgive me, but you sound like a fool talking! It is one thing to express your opinion on such social media platform, but it is quite another when your opinion is so misinformed. The role of the Speaker is to govern the House proceedings in accordance with the rules (Standing Orders) of the House. The suggestions that the Speaker's role is to protect any party shows how uninformed your comment is!

  8. What statement is Mr guy Joseph being asked to withdraw by the speaker

  9. I would like to know what that "statement" was

  10. This man Guy Joseph have no manners and respect for noone. He behaves like he is above the law. I like the stand taken by the speaker of the house. Somebody needs to stand up to this disgust of a man called Guy Joseph. How in God's Earth can he be any example for the youth. That man needs to be taught a lesson. There are people who actually support s his actions. They look for all kind of reasons to justify his behaviour. For once put politics and aside and see it for what it really is. The man is out of control.

  11. This man Guy Joseph have no manners and respect for no one. He behaves like he is above the law. I like the stand taken by the speaker of the house. Somebody needs to stand up to this disgust of a man called Guy Joseph. How in God's Earth can he be any example for the youth. That man needs to be taught a lesson.

  12. He chose to leave . Let's hope he never returns.

  13. They need to expel Guy from the church Satanist Guy shame on u

  14. For a man that is so deep in a church Guy has no heart u are not a man of Christ Guy. U are a hypocrite u need to make a choice the church or politics smh with the kind of things that man doing and saying

    • Is it just Guy that's the hypocrite or the whole church. Why have we not heard the church condemning corruption and bad behaviour of late. Has Tte Adventist Church has lost its way as it bows to Mr. Guy. Just asking.

    • The church or politics? Since when is being a politician a bad thing? Politicians are representative of the people who elect them. In a democracy, they are as corrupt, powerful, honest, accountable, god-fearing, satanic, charming as the people who elect them.

      Whatever you see in your politician is a reflection of you.

      • Have heard people say that..but that is an ignorant comment. If that were the case we would be able to send our children to school overseas, all men would interfere with young school girls etc. Maybe you're right after all....these are not my leaders if I look at it in terms of my ideals. Unfortunately they represent us...not a reflection of us though.

        • Calling my comment ignorant as a qualifier to what you stated next only shows the context you want the reader to view your comments. You shouldn't think of your words as those of an ignorant man. I do value what you have to say.

          That said. Are you saying all people are inherently bad so therefore our politicians should be worse than they are?

  15. Shut you'll mouth. Guy damn right. He is the prime minister. This guy run things

    • Guy is just an arrogant asshole That believes he is untouchable. But one day the Good Lord will show him he can be touched.

      • While I realize the tendency among our shy population is to look down on the outspoken. I happen to like how Guy Joseph gets his point across. He is effective and that's what matters.

  16. He just start crying

  17. Smh.dis guy eh

  18. Guy is has no manners and continues to be disrespectful and out of order. He is a poor example for a Christian and a minister of government. He is a bully, a thug a POS with a pig attitude. That's what we have come St Lucia....having that thing in the honourable house? Shame on us.

  19. He has become too big for his breeches. He is stupid, insolent and think he is bigger than even the PM. A class less Christian and two bit politician.

  20. Guy stand for what you believe in

  21. Guy stand for what you believe in my brother

  22. all i seeing is guy teeth lol

  23. One needs discipline and decorum to ensure that issues are discussed, debated and decided in a palamentary democracy. This guy just does not believe in structure. He is a freelancer that just does what he thinks is right and expect people to agree with his view point no matter how wrong he is.
    He seems to forget that he is representing people and not himself. Daddy said stop being so selfish, so he cowers and goes down his rabbit hole to sulk

  24. Speaker is wuss need to be fired asap. letting opposition members interrupt Government mps when the speak is absurd this should not be therefore he is weak. Pm fire this weakling.

  25. Guy is a jackass . cannot speak English

  26. He calls himself a Christian but refused to humble. I s this the example he wishes to set for the youth and aspiring politicians

    • What Magee you chatting. If I am aspiring to become a politician of all the politicians in st Lucia and the wider Caribbean is thieving banned by US government Guy Joseph I would draw inspiration from ??? You have got to be kidding me. Your self esteem must be really low

  27. Salop Guy

  28. He calls himself a Christian, but refused to humble. This is not the example to set for aspiring politicians.

  29. Guy Joseph is an ass........there i said it.......


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