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Fuel prices in Saint Lucia increase

By Department of Commerce

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(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Public is hereby notified that in keeping with changes in international oil prices and Government’s application of the modified market pass-through petroleum pricing mechanism, the retail price of gasoline (unleaded), diesel, and LPG 20, 22, and 100 lb cylinders have been changed. The retail price of kerosene remains unchanged.

The price changes take effect Monday June 04, 2018:

Gasoline increased from $3.01 to $3.07 per litre or $13.70 to $13.95 per gallon
Diesel increased from $3.00 to $3.07 per litre or $13.65 to $13.95 per gallon
20 Pound Cylinder (9.07 kg) increased from $32.80 to $32.96 per cylinder
22 Pound Cylinder (9.98 kg) increased from $36.36 to $36.53 per cylinder
100 Pound Cylinder (45.36kg) increased from $207.07 to $208.66 per cylinder

Kerosene remains unchanged at $1.88 per litre or $8.52 per gallon.

The Public is informed that the retail prices of fuel products will be next adjusted on Monday June 25, 2018.

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  1. The only thing Lucian's do is complain, you can give them the best food.Things hard in the entire world.

  2. Whilst i agree with u hv no control of gas price they must be carefull what they say on political platforms just to get votes...when u make statement like u hv sign documents to bring the price of gas down ..i am in agrement with the public to demand the pricea go down....

  3. Can we have another Orange March? The price of fuel is getting out of hand maybe we can remove that $6.36 profit the government taking.

  4. Well Saint Lucians were really foolish to actually believe that Gas prices would decrease regardless of the fact that it is increasing on the world market. Chas fool yall once again.

  5. Se SAAAALOOOOP la! "I have the document on my desk and I will sign it immediately"! That's what the lying Hurricane Allen said and most people believed him. Today, it is another story . . . "the price on the world market is going up" or "We do not have control on gas prices".

    Y'all marched for lower prices but what did y'all get? They put an additional $1 and change tax per gallon!
    Again . . . Se SALLLLOOOP LA!

    • You guys need to check the records. Under SLP when the price of crude oil on the world market was lower than what it is today, the price at the tank was $15.78 . This was why Allen and the UWP took action.and rightfully too.

      • Please, get it right! Guy and the lot postulated that SLP had a hidden $6 on the price of gas and that's what they campaigned on and marched on. That's the fact!

        • oh so only that was the fact. you was not seeing that the gas was dropping in price and kenny still wanted us to pay the full price until each three months you not see that as the facts. voler

          • An bonda zot! Mi li apwezan! Chas have y'all by the balls. Where is the hidden $6.00?

            And yes, the hidden $6 is the cause for the march! Right now, you are just spinning!

    • Take your car off the road. The accidents and jams caused by bad drivers is raising insurance premiums and slowing the distribution network causing higher food prices. They need to raise fuel prices again and introduce certificates of entitlement to drive on the road that need renewal every five years and cost tens of thousands of dollars. That should get all the riff-raff off the road. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

      • shut up you'll jaws. Obviously it not affecting your asses else you all would not be so quick to agree. stupid pricks

        • Not sure what part of my statement shows I'm not being affected. It's not fun being a safe driver but being slapped with higher insurance premiums because of all the amateurs on the road. It's not fun paying the same price for bulk goods with no bulk discount as well as the same price for the individual items. 5x a 900g bag of Breeze cost the same as 1x 4500g bag of Breeze. If the road wasn't clogged with traffic and jams caused by amateurs, distributors wouldn't be raising the price on their goods.

    • jackass what you saying there not making no damn sence ok.

      the logic is that the government pays on some of the gas and then we pay the rest so basically if they pay two dollars for us we then pay one dollar now when the oil raise which always happens its flipping obvious that the prices of gas will rise, do you honestly believe that we would just be paying one flat rate for gas and it keeps rising all the time .

      the main reason why people were marching is cause when the gas was starting to drop kenny refused to let us get that benefit one time but instead wanted us to wait three months to reflect this change which makes no damn sense cause in that same three months the gas price could have gone up and then we would never get to experience that change so when the damn gas prices raising is not government that raising it you flipping fool i dont know why yall idiots cant see through common sense but just talking a whole load of crap

  6. Well done Chas! You promised to bring down the price of fuel. You said while price of fuel in other countries is going up in St Lucia it will go down. Keep your promise please.

    • you self is another special idiot . how the hell can chastanet say that he will bring down the price of fuel. Chastanet that own the fuel? uh does he have a oil mine? yall just talking a bunch of crap. The government has no control what so ever on fuel prices but only to subsidize for us. the only way fuel can go down is if the fuel is lets say ten dollars right now and government say they subsidizing eight dollars for us and we pay the balance of the two. if he said that then he right cause yall dam stupid and dont want to think and just say things that does not add up and makes no sense

      • Whilst i agree with u hv no control of gas price they must be carefull what they say on political platforms just to get votes...when u make statement like u hv sign documents to bring the price of gas down ..i am in agrement with the public to demand the pricea go down....

      • masyai UWP paying you mun.....


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