FINALLY: ‘Risky’ derelict house in Choiseul being demolished

FINALLY: ‘Risky’ derelict house in Choiseul being demolished

(SNO) – Parts of a derelict wooden house in Choiseul, that collapsed around 6 a.m. on Monday, July 16, 2018, is being demolished — finally, according to residents.

The house, which was located near the police station in Choiseul, posed a risk to passersby.

Though no one was injured when the abandoned structure collapsed over a week and a half ago, it came very close in claiming a victim.  CLICK HERE TO SEE ORIGINAL STORY

In an earlier report, a resident had said: “This morning a big part of the house fell in the road. It almost fell on a man that was going to put garbage by the road. When people hear the loud noise they went to see but no one got hurt.”

Our newsroom was told that the presumed owner of the building had been told to break the structure down a long time ago, so that the structure won’t collapse unexpectedly and hurt someone.

Many persons, including children, had to pass the “risky” derelict house to reach their homes, according to the resident.

However, relief came mid-week when the owner and his workers began to demolish the structure.

Residents are hoping that the debris will be fully cleared soon.


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