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UPDATED: Two more shooting incidents reported in Castries

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Police are investigating two shooting incidents that left two persons injured in Castries last evening and this morning.

The victims have been identified as Albert Antoine and Elford St. Luce.

Antoine sustained a gunshot wound to his leg around 9 p.m. at Odlum City, Castries on Tuesday, May 29. He was transported via ambulance to Victoria Hospital in stable condition. The circumstances surrounding the shooting were not immediately available.

St. Luce, a 44-year-old food shop owner, sustained a gunshot wound to his face on St. Louis Street, Castries, around 5 a.m. Wednesday, May 30.

He was transported via ambulance to Victoria Hospital in stable condition.

“The injury did not appear to be life-threatening. He was able to walk and taken to hospital for treatment,” the source added.

“It’s the first (food) hut at the back of the Castries City Council building,” the source, pointing out the location where the incident occurred.

Robbery is suspected to be the motive for the shooting, the source said.

These shootings occur as police are still investigating last Tuesday afternoon’s shooting on Peynier Street, Castries in which at least five persons, including a child, sustained gunshot injuries. One man, believed to be the shooter, was killed by law enforcement in the incident.

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  1. This is what happens when peti criminalz are house with hard core bandits in prison , everyone wants a 40 cause everyone seeks revenge , just hurts me ain't no cops or politions getting shoot out there , well not yet

  2. Bla bla bla

  3. .........but you were voted the best island

  4. These fellars need to be thrown in shark infested waters. Just so is the wild wild west in Castries? Where they getting the guns and bullets from. Somebody giving it to them. stop hiding these jokers and give the police the information so they can deal with these fellars.

  5. Where is the IMPACS report?

  6. What's going on with my people. More shootings again..people please look to God an pray..ask for forgiveness. Stop stop stop the shootings an killing..OMG..

    • these people have forgotten about god such a long time ago thats what is happening its sad but its true. you cant tell me so damn early in the morning you have a gun shooting people already and most times is innocent people that get hurt and when some people call back for Operation Restore Confidence there always have a set of them that for the criminals hiding them. i believe if you are a criminal you should be treated as one and there should be no space for such type of people among law abiding citizens.

      • So where is their space then. Logics and Law are separate, what is right is not always what is legal.

        • you sound like a smart girl, you should figure it out where their space is, also what is right may not be legal but it was working though and everyone could say that the criminals were calm as a dove during that time.

      • This is why its happening in the UK too.. be they from Muslim families or Christian...they have thrown God out and the enemy is taken over...or has taken over.
        It's only when we become a God fearing nation again great good will come out of it.
        We need sincere prayer it's not religion...sincere open transparent prayer to God for good. Blessings all.

  7. What is going with our people..please stop those shootings an prayl..God is good..ask for forgiveness..please please people..stop stop stop

    • shut up !!

      • Take care now, they getting you'll. Piece by Piece!!!

        • Some person/persons have an agenda. (1). To put FEAR in the people(2). To take away the JOY of this nation Some person /persons have released the spirit of Cain on our beautiful land Where are our pastors priest church ministers.. Our Shepherds. In Bible times when things were hapenin the Man of God word call out the people in the open pray shout plead to God for His intervention This is wat our so called shepherds shod be doing but they hiding they.they sit comfortably in their swiveling chair in their AC offices driving chafeur stlyle in their rides .we are not fighting against flesh and blood (2)we have to come out publicly and. MAKE AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN (3TRUE SHEPHERDS of God come out lead the people on a crying out worship praise pray fast not lookin to uplift your church or get most members or church competition No come out as leaders and Servants I challenge you do your role Church Ministers


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