BREAKING NEWS: One dead in Gros Islet shooting

BREAKING NEWS: One dead in Gros Islet shooting
The deceased in the Gros Islet shooting.
The deceased in the Gros Islet shooting.

(SNO) – One male is dead and two other persons injured during a shooting incident in Gros Islet early Wednesday morning, August 1, 2018, according to a law enforcement source.

The shooting occurred in the town of Gros Islet about 6:50 a.m.

The deceased was reportedly shot by a police officer after he allegedly opened fire in a crowd.

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  1. Folks, listen it's time to respect one another, be kind, evil deeds begets evil rewards. Turn St. Lucia around let her be known as paradise island. The true Helen Of The West. My GOD Bless St. Lucia and it's people.


  2. Daddy dont touch me there......boy oh boy good people not afraid to voice their opinion..only Lucians..verry funny..hahaha


  3. I was a couple of feet away from the incident and what happened Was, the one the police shot and killed actually was revelling at the jou' vert like everyone else with his pistol in his back pocket. The ones who engaged tried to take Or maybe steal that pistol off of him rather than alert the cops who were just a few feet away. Their plan was unsuccessful. The ones who got shot were innocent and was not involved in the incident. Why come to a public activity with a gun on u? Especially with the number of officers on the job.....and then use it in their presence and thought u were gonna escape after committing such acts of atrocities/terror. I saw on the news that he was a skillful boxer, but don't they teach discipline in that sport? And if ur so good with ur hands, why do u feel u needed to carry a firearm to a jou' vert jump up? Smh. That boy made some poor choices with his life and paid a hefty price for it. It's sad to hear someone with his potential went out like that.....


  4. Only wrong i gave him was walking with a damn gun, five idiots tried to rob him, while enjoying himself, i saw this with my very own eyes, dont speak what y'all dont know! And to the mom, it is very sad, that one of ur own took out ur son, stay strong, no matter how a son is, a mother will feel it, accept my sympathy, as a mother u tried.


    • So he was being robbed and defended himself....if the guys had succeeded in robbing him would the police go back and get his guds for him,come on ppl urll no police in Lucia don't do shit for ppl,unless is not drugs police ain't doing shit,ppl HV to protect their ownselves nowadays


    • He had the choice of walking away or even better checking the police. But that wasn't his style he was a shooter and he loved firing shots around people with everyone seeing is him that do it. This young man has been bursting shots in Castries not now without a care in the world for who sees him or how his name is mention all he cared about was I'm bad. Well my boy badman all meet the end either by the cops or other bad guys.


  5. Ron thought he was a badboy to much + HIS MOM is a POLICE OFFICER !! Just recently he was bursting shit sin pavee! I hope is in his head he got shot ...Assshole
    Where d "40" now man like u I happy you rob me as a lil hustling yute !!!So u die gud you bullar


  6. Time they clear up some more of the garbage on our streets. Good job to the RSLPF on the quick response. Get your counseling and get back out there!

    Why is in public spaces and at public events these clowns want to have their beefs. Go and shoot each other by the Gros Islet Cemetery.


  7. This morning a little after 1 am over 12 shots rang out in monkey town (Ciceron), and about 4 to 5 minutes after a few guys was laughing and talking about it say if it was funny ,then 20 minutes after 4 more shots....these guys tihin this is funny and I have no idea where these guns coming from but the rapid fire tell my that was a automatic gun, this is a real serious problem in these communitys across the island.


  8. You taking people life for papishow ... Police should of shoot him in his asshole. Y'all people defending make y'all is garbage . Ghetto yute my ass. I hope his family realize my goon should of never been born


  9. Those guys were emboldened by the IMPACS debocle created by that autocratic and vindictive Kenny Anthony. The police were already making good strides by eliminating them one by one. We need to look into having the second operation restore confidence to kill some more of those low life.


    • You do know the the Operation restore confidence was the root of the IMPACS problem right?


    • I totally agree with you that under kenny's administration these thugs were being eliminated one by one but when the corrupt gov't condones such violence then what do u expect. we need to take back our beautiful country b4 it's too late. a crack down on the thugs should start now with the assistance of foreign forces.


  10. When he went to take someone's life, worst so with no regards for innocent people in a crowd..Thuggg Did u prepare yourself loose yours?? put down the guns , The outcome can never be a good one..


  11. Salope La where di #40 it didn't have shots or u didn't have time draw it
    That's for All the Shots u came n knock in D dance n for All d saloptay u does do
    Why didn't d police shoot you in Your Head
    Rot in peace you bulla


    • You see everybody knows how much he loves bursting that gun in crowds with countless witnesses and not giving a damn so it eh nothing new he did that morning. The only difference he didn't count on shots knocking back and thank you it was from the cops instead of a badman.


  12. I wonder why he open fire in the crowd? Was he being robbed by some persons in the crowd and took out his gun to defend himself? Anyways another bad boy dead. When will they realise they will all be killed early in life. Anyways his choice. Just glad I was in my bed. So Mary Francis plz come on tv and asked that there be an investigation into this killing. The police just killed another known criminal. OH BTW Kenny plz run to the US embassy again. I hear the Police STOP carnival in G Islet later as a result.


  13. Im betting that this dude is not from GI and them demon activity call carnival expect di unexpected.


  14. Woooow.
    Come on some body, the devil is a liar.


    • Did you not read the article, geez...all the other comments is like you guys never read the article, the police did the shooting, the guy opened fire in a crowd.