UPDATED: Man stabbed to death in Canaries

UPDATED: Man stabbed to death in Canaries
Curtis Charlemagne

(SNO) – Police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a man in Canaries earlier tonight (Friday, Nov. 2).

The deceased has been identified as Curtis Charlemagne, who is originally from Anse La Raye, according to eyewitnesses and law enforcement sources.

Curtis Charlemagne

The incident occurred around 8 p.m., and a male suspect is currently in police custody, eyewitnesses and law enforcement sources have told St. Lucia News Online.

“The guy who stabbed him (Curtis) was drunk,” one eyewitness, who wished not to be identified, alleged. “He went after his mother to kill her first but the people around chased him away. He left and went by the bay side where he saw the deceased, Curtis.

“Curtis asked him for a joint to smoke. He started arguing with Curtis so Curtis said ‘Boy you have rage man’ so he slit his throat,” the eyewitness added.

According to the eyewitness, an argument allegedly had developed between a relative or relatives of the deceased and the alleged assailant, either prior to the stabbing or immediately after the stabbing

This was also stated by another eyewitness, who spoke with St. Lucia News Online.

“The guy who stabbed him was mad at Curtis mom and wanted to stab his mom. Villagers stopped him from stabbing his (Curtis) mom, but still managed to have an altercation with the deceased. Nothing of this such has ever happened in Canaries. The entire village is in shock,” the eyewitness added.

The victim reportedly bled out on the scene and was transported to Soufriere Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to an eyewitness, the suspect turned himself in to the police station “right away” but “begged for forgiveness from the deceased’s family”.

“He (suspect) cried and pleaded, cause he realised what he did was wrong. So sad,” the source added.



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  1. It is sad when lives are cut short. Sincere sympathy to both families. Although we cannot change what has happened we can learn from it. I am pleading with us young people violence is never the way out. Learn to walk away from trouble. It does not make you the weaker person.


  2. This is strange this person was killed in canaries he is behind bars ok,So now the cop that killed Kim is walking the streets of Castries free we have different laws for different people.Well the commissioner of police have to put that cop killer in prison


  3. What did Chastanet say again? Kenny could not make you safe but I will. Is that kind of safety he given us? Chastanet is the cause of all these blood shed in St Lucia.


    • if you listen or read what you just wrote, you will immediately realize that it is a large load of shit! Everything for y'all pea-brain fools must be politicized. Did Chastanet get him drunk and order him to slash the throat of his friend? Stop talking rubbish!


    • Only small minds make everything about Politics. Try if possible to exist outside the borders of saint lucia and you will see how moronic of a statement this is.


    • where they take yaull, it appears your entire existence I within the borders of st lucia. what a moronic statement.


    • Blame the Prime Minister do you really think the man will send you all to kill each other? Please stop posting stupid comment idiot grow up.


    • Jackass. Take the approach of blaming everyone else for situations and see how far you get in life. The government didnt make this guy get drunk and try killing someone.


    • Alcohol n weed is 2 different things..rum is the best thing to put ilegal..accident happening on our roads,rum again..I've smoked weed before n I felt calm after I did it..alcohol is hype it giving and it meks u act stupid sometimes..weed makes u meditate..alcohol meks u brave n do madness


  4. what a horrific wek this past week has been in st lucia:its jus been horror story after horror story[


  5. Now he crying for forgiveness! Why did he cool down himself when the people stopped him earlier, why didn't he just "chill out" when he had the opportunity. Oh how much we don't stop to think before we act recklessly.

    That’s another senseless, killing! Alcohol, uncontrolled anger, and lose of respect for life. What a shame. I’m saddened and shocked that this has happen in my neighborhood.


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