UPDATE: Deceased in Vieux Fort accident identified

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – A collision between a minibus and a trailer truck on the Castries-Vieux Fort Highway, near Savannes Bay has resulted in a fatality, according to reports.

The accident occurred minutes before 6 p.m.

Officials have confirmed that the driver of the minibus has died.

He has been identified as Joel Parris, a resident of Balata, Babonneau.

More details later.

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  1. RIP Joel. It's very sad that u had to go this way. Lord please console the hearts of his family members and friends, give them the strength that they need in this time of grief. Lord be with us all. Joel u will be missed.

  2. lol thanks for using my picture

  3. Sorry to hear. How does this happen so often on the roads?

  4. R.I.P Joel

  5. Correction... Joel Parris

  6. Youll people have 54 thumbs up for what St.lucia you'll make me laugh 54 thumbs up and the man dead..Why 54 thumbs up for what,when its a thumbs down.The man dead,whats good about that story..lol.

    • I have to shake my head at you. Liking the article does not necessarily mean that you like what happened. It means that they appreciate the reporting of the incident. Sharon, if you are going to educate people about social media etiquette, then you definitely need to work on your Grammar.

  7. RIP young man

  8. Those trailer truck drivers act like they are driving racing cars down that vieux fort road. Just had an experience with one on 25th of last month. I am heading to the airport and driving at a reasonable speed. The guy in trailer truck, driving so close and fast behind me. Going up the Fond dor hill, I swear the truck would push the car up. No joke that's how fast and close he drove. When I realized he wanted to race or was in a racing mood, I indicated went to the side and allowed him to pass. He drove down that road like a maniac, over taking everything in his way. When he turned off the highway into Desruisseaux, I was relieved. My 78 year old dad who drove trucks all his life was really panicking. Couldn't believe how dangerous those guys drove.

    • Do you know exactly how the accident happened for you to be assuming it is the truck driver's fault. Did it ever occur to you that probably it was one of the two minibuses in the accident was responsible for the mayhem? Please if you know nothing of the accident then please refrain from making wild aspersions.

  9. Oh my

  10. Sleep in Peace Joel... Stupid move to be under the influence of another, gambled your own life SMH

  11. Am sorry for such a loss. My condolences to his entire family n bus drivers especially the babonneau route. Joel a very good young man. May he rest in peace.

  12. Rip Joel!!! Sighh

  13. R.I.P Aaron💔


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