UPDATE: Belair teen returns home

By SNO Staff

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Vernelle Rene

(SNO) – A teen has returned home, less than an hour after our newsroom ran a story in which her mother sought the public’s assistance in locating her.

Shirley-Ann Rene has informed St. Lucia News Online that her daughter, 14-year-old Vernelle Rene, “has come home”.

“She just arrived. I’ve called the police and they told me to take her down (to the Central Police Station),” the mother said.

Our news team is happy that Vernelle is home and hope that she assists her mother in resolving issues.


A Belair mother is seeking the public’s assistance in locating her daughter, 14-year-old Vernelle Rene, whom she last saw on Saturday, June 9, 2018 before she left home for work.

“I was at work whole Saturday. I came home after 8 p.m,” said.

The mother also told St. Lucia News Online that this is the first time the teen, who attends Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School, has gone “missing”.

She believes her daughter ran away because she is unable to do what she wants, particularly keeping a boyfriend. Her mother said she is under-aged and she would not allow that under her roof.

According to the mother, she has been receiving reports that her daughter was seen in Sarrot, Belair, and Morne d’Or.

When asked to describe the clothing her daughter was wearing when she was last seen at home, Shirley-Ann said this is irrelevant because each time her daughter was reported seen, she was wearing a different attire.

Shirley-Ann also pointed out that her daughter did not bring any extra clothes with her.

“All her clothes is home.”

The mother said it is obvious that her daughter is bathing at someone’s home and wearing their clothes.

The police has been notified.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the nearest police station.

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  1. Comments here are awful. This is what we think of our children. The children grow up around you and me. It is what they see us do that they emulate. From these comments here are we surprised when the children go astray at so young an age?

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  6. i want to hear both sides of the story there has to be something more going on

  7. Hello Look jokes, it's Tuesday June 11th, 2018. Did you read your comments before clicking on the send button? What days of the week did you go to school ? Surely not the St Lucia school calendar. Be positive stop it with your negative comments. Go read a book if you don't have anything to do .

    • Yes I read my comment before I press the send button.... what's wrong with the date? It's not about me thinking negative... it's high time those little girls stop that crap... stop making their parents especially their mother's head hot bcuz of fukry... they need to take their time.... stay home read a book get that special love from parents, help parents throughout the day and not put their selves out there just to get a taste of sick and STD.......

      • Perhaps your approach should have been expressed with a view to rehabilitate, as opposed to ridicule and condemn. The youth of today are in need of guidance, as has been the case with all youth in every age. As an adult and parent myself, I have a very serious issue with individuals like yourself, who behave as though their transition from youth into adulthood, transpired over night. It has been scientifically proven that the frontal lobe of the brain, which is the area responsible for decision making, does not attain full development until the age of 25, so ofcourse it would not be uncommon for a 14 year old to behave impulsively and exercise poor judgement. Additionally, as pointed out by GW, we have not been made privy to her version of events, so how can a conclusion be reached based on a one-sided account? It is high time that we who have previously navigated this complex maze of youth and adolescence, extend a helping and guiding hand to the ones who come behind us, instead of chastizing and reprimanding them at every wrong turn. No wonder this nation is in such a crisis. Parents and teachers in particular, are largely responsible for the character development of children, due to the undenial influences exerted on a daily basis. We yell and use profanity and intimidate our children with aggression and hostility, then turn around and wonder why they behave the way they do. Poor management of children is indeed a societal ill which clearly has far reaching implications for us all.

      • You're blaming a fourteen year old for not making more mature decisions? This is a product of the people the girl is around. Your negativity is the same the girl has to deal with from the people she is in constant contact with. Anyway, we need robust birth control policies in the country. It's time to stop making children, throwing half of them to the dogs and hoping the other half do well enough to take care of their parents in old age.

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